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    Will agendus work for me?
    I'm coming off a run with Sprint PCS utilizing Business Connect, which gave me blackberry-esqe push email from outlook to my Treo 300. Open a message, read it, reply, etc... and all status' stay in sync between Palm app and Outlook. Does Agendus work in a similar way?

    If it does, I can't see how to configure Agendus mail, as our exchange server is behind our firewall. Agendus wants incoming and outgoing server info- which I can't give it direct access to... This is fine if you use an ISP, but not fine if you are using GPRS connection & Exchange server behind a firewall.

    Am I misunderstanding the product?

    Other options considered
    Good:Costs 6x as much as anybody else and isn't available to individuals.
    Visto & Seven are similar- they don't allow you to create or accept meeting requests. Nor do they allow you to attach files from your device- i.e. pictures.
    Aileron is an unknown- I can't figure these guys out...
    Infowave SymmetryPro- looks promising
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