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    Hi guys,

    I've just read the "I'm broken hearted" thread, where gorillapond described how his phone was stolen (

    The discussion over there brings some serious issues: the Treo 600 is a pretty complicated phone for non-techies, so if I forget it somewhere how does someone (nice enough to wanna return it) finds my contact information?

    I started this thread so that we can all do some research for available applications that can do that, and post our findings here.
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    Here's my approach:

    1) I use a service called StuffBak ( They sell these durable labels (plus tags, iron ons and such). You apply a label and register it (no annual fee). If you lose your item, and an honest person finds it, they can use the web or call StuffBak with the ID number. They then are instructed to go to any MailBoxes Etc. store, which will pack and ship the item to the designated location (usually back to you)--no hassle for the finder. You can set up a reward amount with StuffBak, and StuffBak also gives the finder a free tag/sticker. You pay shipping and handling on the returned item.
    I have never had an item lost to test the service, but both StuffBak and others have and do cintinue to test the system.

    2) I had been using an app from MotionApps called mSafe (not available for T600). This app locks your Treo if the SIM card is removed or when you send a specific SMS message.

    3) I of course have my Owner info completed in Preferences.

    4) In my Contacts list, I have an entry that begins with an asterisk * as follows:

    *if found, return to:

    with several phone numbers and a thank you message.

    Thus if someone does get to your Contact list, this should be the first entry they see (* sorts first).


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