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    I broke that little one contact or whatever it is under sim card holder. It's the black little piece of plastic 2mm x 1mm.
    When you close the sim card holder it recognises the sim card.
    I don't think I can repair it, but can I make a contact somehow (a kind of bridge or something?)
    Thank you in advance.
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    I'll doing some solder surgery on my T300 tomorrow and can take a look in my Treo junkyard for a donor GSM Treo. If you feel up to desoldering the old and soldering the new. I'll send you the component. PS the trick to de-soldering the old is a solderwick braid or solder sucker vacuum.


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    My Treo 180 has the same problem . Could I use jumpers to replace this one?
    That's desolder it and put jumpers on it? Please advise
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    I took a look and a jumper looks like the easiest way to solve this problem:

    With the phone opened up and looking at the back of the printed circuit board:

    The switch has 4 legs on it, with the black "flip switch" exiting the left side of the switch housing. The 2 left most legs are for mechanical function only and are ground. The 2 on the right side are controlled by the switch.

    Remove (desolder) the switch and jumper the top right pad to the right bottom pad and you have closed the switch as if the SIM card was present.

    Now the question must be asked, why did HS place this switch in the phone? On older mobile handsets, removing the SIM card with out turning off the phone was bad news for some reason or another. Most handset manufacturers solved this problem by placing the SIM card under the battery, the batt had to removed before SIM card was accessable. This must not be the case on the HS products so the mystery remains, why have a switch?

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    Thank you Gordon.
    There is no other possibilities for making some kind of bridge without opening the Treo? What is the system that it is using for making contact? Can I put something inside to make a kind of contact? Thank you.
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    I'm afraid you will have to open it up to "jump" (solder) a small wire from leg to leg on the switch. Opening the Treo up is fairly simple, all you need is a phillips head screwdriver. Check out a reply I posted in the following thread for step by step dis-assembly instructions:

    Once the unit is open, peal the sticker (shown in your posted image) away from the switch and then the legs are accessable for soldering.


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