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    I was having problems with some software, so I tried erasing all data and starting from scratch. I perform the setup (orient the stylus), then turn wireless mode on; unit can make calls. Then when I launch Blazer I get "MemoryMgr.c, Line: 4340, NULL handle", and only a hard reset will fix.

    It's not exactly "out of the box", I've had this 300 since February. One hinge is cracked, and the antenna's come out of its socket -- thank God I signed up for hardware replacement program a few days ago. Maybe I'll go down to the SPCS store and haggle for a 600 upgrade -- I'm not hopeful, but if I don't get a good deal I guess I can always get a refurbished T300 under the replacement program (after the 20 day waiting period, of course).

    Oh, and I can't do a restore from HotSync -- get a "MemoryMgr.c, Line: 4390, Invalid handle" after syncing. I've removed most things from my "C:\Program Files\Handspring\rollin\Backup" directory: AvantGo, BizConn, Vindigo; about the only things left are the AddressBook, Graffiti, and RecoEchoPlus.PRC.

    My other idea is to try the firmware upgrade that was much maligned in this forum.

    Thanks in advance for any help. I've loved using this forum over the past year, it will be bittersweet if I "graduate" to the T600 forum.

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    Went down to the Sprint service center in Times Square, that place is a madhouse. The next two people in front of me had broken hinges.

    I think they're giving me a new (refurb'ed) T300 when I go back for pickup.


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