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    Hello all,
    Newbie here, enjoy reading the forums!

    I don't know if this has been covered yet, but I was reading how others needed to load ringtones into the Treo 600 from a SD card without using the web or email. I found one solution...

    I loaded Launcher X onto my Treo 600 last night and discovered that if I opened a .mid ringtone (or a .jpg for that matter) using Launcher X, it will install into RAM, all ready to use.

    Here's the details:
    -transfer .mid files to your SD card from your PC
    -In Launcher X, click the "card tools" gadget (looks like an SD card)
    -Find the .mid file (you may have to drill up from \Palm\Launcher folder)
    -When you highlight the .mid file, choose "open" on the pull down menu
    -Confirm name
    -The file transfers into the Treo's RAM, then the Manage Sound app opens. There you can play the sound and set it as a ringtone.

    This can also be used for .jpg's to transfer wallpapers to the Phone app. Cool!
    Jay H.
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    Hey welcome to the forum!
    Good find, I'll remember that.
    T750 w/Cingular
    Black Jawbone
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    Wow, great find! Even more impressive that you found this as a newbie! Welcome, and thanks for the useful tip.
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    This saves me around 15 minutes of beaming each MIDI to my Treo using my laptop controlled through VNC. And I had bought Launcher X back in the m130 days. ARGH!
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    thanks jaynh!!! But, it gets BETTER!!!!

    Check this out...

    I do not have a data plan and I do not own an SD card but I still found a way to get a ringtone successfully installed via hotsync.

    Here's the steps...
    1) install palm ram disk (get here: The trial does the trick fine.
    2) install launcherX, soft reset, execute it.
    3) get your .mid files and rename to .pdb.
    4) use Palm Quick Install and drag your ringtones to the expansion card, then hotsync.
    5) open launcherX into that card tools gadget, RENAME your .pdb back to .mid
    6) OPEN your .mid file and it will put you into the manage sound.. you're home free.
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    Just downloaded Launcher X last night. I was converting my mid files in less than 2 minutes. Plus LX is a pretty useful app.

    Good find!
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    Originally posted by shredhead
    4) use Palm Quick Install and drag your ringtones to the expansion card, then hotsync.
    I did all the instruction but this portion I cannot understand. I was using Handspring Hotsync Manager and clicking on the Change Destination. It shows me a SecureDigital Card.

    On the first try, I get the documented ' detected a change in the number of slots something-something'. So, I try again. The second time around, it complains there is no SD-Card slot.

    I tried both 'Mount' and 'Mount only RAM Disk'. Didn't work.

    Perhaps, you can help me understand step #4 better? Thanks.
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    I was finally able to do this with SyncWizard. I can now synch without having to go to the web
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    Is there a way to use the Ringo midis over to the Treo 600 ringtone manager? I don't know how to integrate the Ringo to it.

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