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    I'm wondering if I buy an SD memory card for the T600, is there a way to mount it as a drive on my PC when my T600 is connected via usb?

    I currently use a usb flash drive to transfer files between home and office and if I can use an SD Card in the Treo then I won't need this additional device!

    It would be best if the PC recognizes the card as a drive so I can save right out of apps or use batch files to sync data files.
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    I'm pretty sure the answer to this is 'no' unless someone writes some special software for the Treo. You can however load files onto the SD card of the Treo via the Hotsync process. However that is so slow for anything but small files that most of us who use the SD card for MP3 files and the like have bought a seperate SD card USB reader to load files onto the card that way. These readers are cheap (I think in the States you can get them for around $10).
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    Yes you can. I installed the demo last night. Its fast! No more 8hr syncs.

    See the thread in the utilities forum.

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