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    is there a keyboard like the old Stowaway that I had for my prism?

    I love having the mini keyboard built on (and I use graffiti anywhere when i want to write it out) but would like a larger keyboard/cradle for when I'm taking notes in meetings etc.

    anyone seen one yet?

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    Handspring sells a keyboard that appears to be derived from the Belkin G700 series. I have had it for about a month and it works very well. You should be able to order it from the Handspring web site.
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    Save some money. It's cheaper at than Handspring's site. No sales tax unless you're in Texas.
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    Local Sprint stores are selling generic Palm infrared keyboards for $59, and the sales clerk claims it will work with the Treo 600 as well.
    Does anyone know if it does indeed work?
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    does anyone have a better photo with more detail than what is available on the treo world website?

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