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    I just installed bizconn, and I can't seem to get it to push my emails. I first set it up with my Lotus email at work. I could get folder access just fine, and messages would appear when I selected "Sync" from the menu. The emails would not be pushed, however. I always had to sync manually, or have the timed sync on. I also tried a personal Iœ
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    error in post. new thread was started correctly. thanks
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    jaginger, try this: Leave your Treo 600 alone for a few minutes, send yourself a message to your Domino server, and see whether the message gets pushed to you within a few minutes. Apparently if you've been using the phone for a call or other applications, the 'Push' will be delayed. As it was explained to me, the purpose is to prevent you from getting interrupted by a sync when you're in the midst of using the device.

    Try that and report back what happens....
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    thanks, hortense. I did just that, and I still didn't get the push. I left it for 20 min or so. Then I did a manual sync and the message showed up. I tried again and checked my bizconn account on the web after 15 min. The message was sitting there, but still no push.
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    as you may know, BC uses little quasi-SMSs to trigger a pull from the BC servers (so what seems like push is actually triggered pull). So - just to narrow down the cause of your issue, try sending yourself a test SMS & see how long it takesä
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    well I don't know what happened with that last post - I sent it via my 600, and that's not the first time I've noticed a truncated text thing when posting long replies and test entries (seen it on other places besides treocentral - oh well).

    What I was <trying> to say, now that I'm at the PC, was to send yourself a test SMS to your phone (like from your PC or something) and see how long it takes to get to your 600. If it arrives right away, you know you can eliminate the SMS aspect from the equation. If it's delayed, then your pull/push thing might, perhaps, be attributable to SMS issues.
    I've seen both ways - sometimes my push delays coincide with delayed SMS, and then other times I see no connection.
    Good luck with your testing....

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