I was in Wal-Mart looking for a cell phone holder that someone described in this forum. WHile searching the AUTO section, I came across a cell phone holder that simply an extension to those that have the a case/clip that swivles 360 degrees.

If I remember correct, the company that makes it is called "World". The packaging is pastel pick. The main part is a small rectangular box with a slit in the front so that the round "peg" on the back of your phone case can slide down into. It's held up by a 3M type glue backing and is very stable. The extras in the packageing include extra "pegs" and an extra belt clip. So switching from belt to cell phone holder is as easy taking the phone off your belt and sliding in the phone holder. You can keep your clip on your belt.

I hope this helps. I will try and get pictures ( using my Treo 600).


PS. Remember...it's in the AUTO section of the store....not the electronics section..