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    In Regards to P-tunes SHoutcast feature:

    1.) I wish to stream mp3 i have stored on my website.
    Of Which most are encoded at 128kbs.

    I WAS able to have P tunes play the .mp3 file directly.
    Yet NOT a .m3u file.

    The songs were bacially unlistenable. As they choked in the buffering process.

    SO : what would be a better target bitrate and would it
    at all improve the playability.

    WHat is differrence between .m3u/ .pls/ or having the file played directly as .mp3 ,which was the only way it seemd to work 4 me.

    2.) Is the .mp3 streamed from the web stored anywhere locally
    on the Treo (I hope not)

    I have Treo 600

    Thank you for your consideration.
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    I only listen to Shoutcast stations that are at 24kbs; above that the buffering gets iffy.
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    1. 48kbps is about the highest bitrate you can realiably stream to the treo. 24kbps is very safe.. 32kbps works 95% of the time.. 48kbps if you're not moving around.. and 56kbps once in a blue moon. Some people swear they get 80+kbps file transfers, but then few of them can stream a 56kbps shoutcast stream, so I wonder about these claims.

    It's been a while since I set up a stream, but I seem to remember there was a plugin to WinAmp that'll let you stream your playlist at any desired bitrate you want.

    2. No.

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    Hey, I can listen to a 96kbps stream in my room at night with 3 bars of signal with no problems. So it is possible.

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