Ok, I have the same problem as it appears all of you are having. Not being a code writer I was wondering if any of you can help solve this.

The problem: a treo 600 that sync's wirelessly with an Exchange server. The data connection always seems to drop.

The issue: the ATT GPRS (and all GPRS networks so it seems however the european orange networks seems like it's the best so far) will drop the data connection if it does not have activity for a specified period of time. It seems it checks in every 4 hours if there is no activity.

What fixes this: any data activity seems to click the service back on right away, whether it be an email being sent or a web page being opened.

What can we do: Is there a way to write a mini app to check a web site on a regular basis to keep the connection active? Or, since I clearly see in the log files this devices does activate in the middle of the night, there must be a setting to change this. Please find it, make something to begin a data flow, anything would be great.

Thoughts, suggestions, you got something?