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    Short: After having my Treo about 3 weeks, it was stolen tonight. Along with my winter coat. I could have sworn it was on my hip like always, but guess not.

    Longer: We got back from buying Return of the King advance tickets, my friend opened the passenger door.. funny, because she said that she made a point to lock it when she left. It was only a split second before when I had said out loud, "Hey, wasn't my coat in the back seat?"

    Upon investigation, there's a number of fingerprints at the top of the door glass. Not that it does me any good but to taunt me that I lost something so useful to me.

    I called my phone a few times, they answered, but I couldnt understand anything. Clearly, they didnt know what the heck they were doing. They even called my Mom, but she didn't get the call in time.

    I called T-Mobile to block the IMEI, and will contact Cingular and AT&T as well. There's no way they're using if I can't. I wonder if I could ask Handspring not to sell them a charger or sync cable?

    I'm sad, but I am going to have to say goodbye to Treocentral. There's no way I can afford another Treo, I'll be paying off this one for the next couple of months and I suppose there's no reason to stick around if I dont have a Treo. I'm planning to start using a simple phone my mom gave me (Nokia 5165). At least the monthly charges will be lower, I guess.

    Sorry to burden anyone with this little tale, I felt the need to get it off my chest.. here on Treocentral of all places.

    But hey, at least I still have my Treo car charger.
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    i feel your pain. my 270 was stolen at the airport in chicago. i bought a new 180 on ebay for $120 and used it for three months until the 600 was available.

    if you want the 180 you can have it for peanuts, just make me an's in new condition, but i don't need'll tide you over until you can afford another 600.

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    I would like to say in addition:

    Although my postcount is low, I really felt like I was part of the community. Treocentral has been a great resource for me. I wouldn't have found half the websites or palm apps without you guys. All the teamwork that happened for hacking the logo was great. I wish I could have been a bigger part of the community.

    Marc, if you read this: Chatter is great. I've used it ever since you released it for GSM phones. I'm glad to see how you interact with the community and hope more developers do the same.

    I suppose that's enough melodrama coming from me. The natural high from all this awful excitement is wearing off. Good night all.
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    I'm very sorry to hear that, gorillapond. There has to be a way to get your phone back! Don't give up! Did you report this to the police? Doesn't the Treo 600 have Augmented GPS, where the carrier is able to track down its location? Those bastards need to be caught!
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    Man that sucks.

    I second the suggestion that you should try to get the cops to use the GPS function to try to track your phone.

    Also, although this isn't going to do any good now, I would suggest to people that they get an insurance plan if their carrier has them.
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    Really this brings up an interesting point in that the Treo is so complicated that if it IS found, probably the person would not figure out how to make the call back to the owner!!!

    I suggest we put a note in the back of the Treo (if found call George at 305-692-xxxx)

    If I have never seen a Treo, how would I make a phone call if I am an average person with an IQ of 100? No way!

    And they do not even know your number! And they do not know how to answer!

    Now here is some software:

    If the software senses mistakes, weird behavior, low batt, it will flash a "recovery screen"..."Call the owner at 305-692-xxxx" worse to worse if it happens to one its OK and it might make the difference!!! Even a thief after realizing how complicated it is and how useless it will be for him would feel sad for one but without the info it will never get back to the right owner!

    Of course the sticker in the back is better. You might even put a reward of $ 50.
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    I am very sorry to hear that.

    Have you tried to find out if is covered by your rental or house insurance (if applicable)? Check out this thread.

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    This seems a good point to remind people about the inbuilt security app called, aptly enough 'Security'. You can set it to lock the Treo after a set number of minutes of inactivity or at a set time each day.

    When locked the 600 displays the contents of the 'Owner' page (set up via prefs) and requests your password.

    My Owner page has a message along the line of 'Reward if found and returned' and then gives my contact details.

    Anyone who finds/steals it and wants to use it once locked would either need to know the password or know how to do a hard reset.
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    Hey. We all feel your pain. How about using E911 to locate the Treo? If wireless mode is on the police would know exactly where it was.

    On a lighter note, my Treo 270 is in need of a home. I'd gladly sell it for $100 plus shipping. It is new, a replacement for my original one that lasted about a year. It is locked to T-mobile, but I can use my account to unlock it if needed.
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    I'm sorry to hear about your phone and the unfortunate situation. It's a hard pill to swallow when that lower element in folks come to the surface.

    But better to lose the phone than have a car jacking or some other life threatening drama on your hands. I'm just glad you're OK.

    Take care, and do stick around.
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    Most Visa debit and credit cards come with a theft insurance for a period of time - I think a month or so. CHECK IT OUT!
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    OK, I checked my agreement. It is actually my business Visa check card, so a personal card may be different. It covers against theft for 90 days.
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    If you creat a contact with a last name field of "-Reward if found!" and a first name field of your first_and_last_name joined by an under score (shift + dash) when someone looks at your unit's contacts, it will look something like This:
    -Reward if Found!, John_Smith
    415-555-1212 W
    415-555-4111 M

    Road Warrior
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    Very sorry to hear about the stolen phone

    We have a serious issue here: how does a nice non-techie who finds a Treo 600 somewhere locate the owner's contact info?

    Tgabber made a reference to "Security" an apparently useful application that I never knew it existed!

    Let's find the best security / lost phone applications available that work with the Treo 600. I started this threat for that purpose:
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    After reading this thread I was motivated to go low tech. I typed up an "If Found" sticker listing my name, address, phone #, email and scotch taped it to the back of the Treo, just in case the finder is honest and not your common thief.

    P.S. Maybe I should have thrown in something about the GPS locator.
    "Everyday is a Gift, A Blessing, An Opportunity!" - GM

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    They stole my 270

    They love my 180 "organizer" too. Again they took it

    Getting my 600 soon...along with a chain and padlock
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    Love the avatar!
    Sorry about your loss though and gorillapond's.
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    I bought insurance, but I also use a recovert service called TracerTags. They have several different type of tags and stickers so you can select what will fit best on your device.

    Tracer Tags are registered I.D. tags for your personal belongings. Our tags identify your property as yours through our unique numbering system, eliminating any possibility of identity theft. Your personal information is kept in our database and not on the tag. Almost anything of value can be tagged and registered, promoting its safe, rapid return if it's lost or misplaced. Our program has been developed for ease of use, with the consumer in mind every step of the way.

    Every Tracer Tag comes with the following benefits:
    A 7-year activation period which is renewable.
    A trip itinerary so we can contact you at your destination.
    An insurance log for all your valuable possessions.
    Keeps your name, address, and phone number from risk of identity theft; now considered the #1 fraud committed in the U.S. and Canada.
    A low cost incident fee is charged only on found items.
    We reward the finder for you with a twenty-dollar pack of Tracer Tag.
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    check out StuffBak (one of the very first web based lost-and-found companies).
    No annual fee or membership fee.
    A reward system is built-in for finder (not just a free tag, but you specify a $$ amount).
    Easy no-hassle return system--finder drops item at any MailBoxes etc. for automatic return. You do pay an incident fee and shipping/handling.
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