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    Anybody know if there's a good time to reach tech support when you have a chance to speak to someone who might have the authority to get a phone replaced? Whenever I call (at night because that's the only time I have free), I get what I strongly suspect is a bunker somewhere in on the other side of the globe staffed by binder-reading monkeys.

    1: Customer compains.
    A. Blame problem on network.
    B. Blame problem on user.
    C. Attempt soft reset.
    D. Attempt hard reset.
    E. See 1:A.
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    I assme you're talking about Handspring tech support and not your service provider's. I called a few days ago, around 5PM ET, after I received a T600 (GSM) with an apparently broken microphone (I can hear them, they can't hear me, hands-free set works fine). Why anyone would ship a phone without some kind of quality-control testing on at least the phone part is beyond me. Anyways...

    The tech I spoke with was extremely friendly and helpful, and treated me like I knew what I was doing, especially after I told him I was a former 270 user (telling them you've used a Treo before, if you have, might help them understand that you're already familiar with all the "tricks.") Told him I synced contacts but not any third-party apps, told him a hard reset didn't work. He didn't make me go through any of that again just to go through the motions. Instead he had me do a K-Backspace - the mother of all resets (for the uninitiated, you take the phone off the cradle/charger, hold down K+Backspace with one hand, use the other to hold in the reset pin for a couple of seconds, let out the reset pin and continue to hold K-Backspace down for 3 seconds or so. When you let go you get a blank screen. Then you plug in your charging cable and the thing should boot up completely cleared). Anyways, after none of this worked, he set me up for a return and told me that they generally go out overnight, but with the T600's they are saying 4-5 days because of the demand (basically they ship them as soon as they get them in).

    So overall, my experience was pretty good, except for the phone that came broken. The tech was even nice enough to ask his supervisor if it would be possible for me to exchange the phone at a local brick-and-mortar Cingular store (turns out that Handspring has to handle all replacements ordered through them). He also didn't give me any hassle whatsoever about using a T-Mobile SIM in a Cingular unit, and never suggested that that or the network were the source of my problems.

    In short, keep trying, or at worst ask to speak to a supervisor. I've had nothing but good support from Handspring since back in my Visor days... at one point I actually switched to Palm and found their product quality (i705) and customer service to be so godawful (understatement of the year) that going back to HS and the Treo was a no-brainer. Hopefully with the PalmOne merger, Palm's lousy support won't affect the Treo techs being so friendly and knowledgable, but that's probably wishful thinking.


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