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    I'm thinking of ordering the Handspring Side Mount Case for my T600 for work use. I'm wondering how easily the phone pulls in and out of the case with egrips attached. Might seem like a silly question, but with egrips, it is basically impossible to get the phone in and out of the included slip case...and there' s no way I'm giving up my egrips!

    If you have this side mount case, or any other side mount case, please help me with the solution to this palty geometric dilemma!

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    I think you'll be ok with a side case, it's the vertical pouches that'll give you a hard time because of the side grips. In the case of a side case, the friction points are on the ends of the phone, not the sides. Will the back grip pose a problem? I really doubt it.
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    I use this exact combination with no problem. Takes a little more effort to get it in and out, but not problematic IMHO.

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    Thanks guys!

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