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    Both my brother and I have 600's. On some calls when talking to him (I was on a land line) I could hear my voice echoing. When I am on my Treo others sometimes hear their voice echoing.

    I was trying to troubleshoot the problem with him on the other end to see if it was the speakerphone that was causing the problem. I had him turn off his speakerphone. The echo in my voice disappeared. When he turned the speakerphone back on again (while still on the same call) the echo was still gone.

    Now whenever someone complains that their voice is echoing, we simply press the spacebar twice and that seems to cure it.

    It let us know that it doesn't seem to be a problem inherent in the mic/speaker placement but prehaps in the electronic calibration when switching speakers.

    We are not sure why it works, but it seems to eliminate the echo.
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    when my speakerphone volume is set too high, callers hear an echo..i just have to turn down the speaker volume. sucks, but that's the only way i've been able to solve my problem.

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