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    Or at least something close to mail Nirvana.

    Iambic Mail, despite it's limitations, is probably the best T600 mail client for the Mac I've found. I have yet to find a true syncing email client for Mac OS X. Real syncing would be nicer, but apparently the Mac market isn't big enough to justify the investment. With Iambic Mail's IMAP support (SSL even) I'm able to check mail and send mail (with auto BCC). When I get back to my Mac's POP account I simply check my mail and move the BCC messages from Iambic mail to my sent folder. It's not the most elegant solution, but It's the best one I've found for Mac POP users that want to sync. It could even help out Mac IMAP users if you can live with Iambic not being able to browse your folders.

    It's definitely better than a POP client on your Mac and the T600. Does anyone know of any clients that are offering or will offer true syncing with OS X?
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    Are you sure iambic mail supports imap ssl? I tried a demo version awhile back and there was no such support, and I can find no mention of supporting SSL on their web site.
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    Originally posted by keith2
    Are you sure iambic mail supports imap ssl?
    Darn, you're right. For some reason I had convinced myself I was connecting via SSL (wishful thinking?).

    Still a nice app though. Hmmm, anyone know of another IMAP client that supports SSL?

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