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    I'm starting to have problems that has developed just today. I haven't installed any apps for about 2 weeks and just until today, I keep getting the Network Search thing pop up during a phone call, cannot pick up incomming calls, the buttons freeze. Its just a big mess.

    Also, it hangs when its searching for the network. After that, it resets the network and I have to re-enter my code like as if i just turned on my wireless.

    Let me also add this, in the area I am in and getting this, I only get about 1-2 bars on avg. Why it is an issue now is because this isnt how it was for the last 2 months that i've had it until recently.

    Do i do a hard reset or is there a fix? Hope somebody has a solution to this.
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    I have been having the same problem - happened to me today with 3-4 bars. No idea what is causing it.
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    I've been getting this too. Network Search. It seems to happen when I move, breathe wrong, do anything, but if I'm sitting still, not touching it, it's ok.
    I got disconnected at least 5 times with one person, they are really impressed with my phone!
    -Treo 600 on Sprint
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    No one else is having this problem?
    -Treo 600 on Sprint
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    Am having this exact problem--off and on for the past 4 weeks or so--after the Treo 600 (Sprint) worked fine for the first month I had it. Any thoughts on whether this is more likely to be a network problem or a hardware problem? Also, even though a HARD reset generally has not seemed to resolve anything, could the problem nevertheless be application-related? (Is anyone finding a particular heightening of the problem following use of SnapperMail, PocketTunes, or WebPro??? Something else?)
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    I've singled it down to power. If I am fully charged, I have no problems, but after about 70%, it starts dropping calls, or just NOT connecting them. If I plug into power(car, adapter, sync) it will work fine, but if i unplug on a call... ZAP. Totally unacceptable.
    -Treo 600 on Sprint
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    After 2 months or so of great experience, I started having the "Network Search" message during calls this week, along with similar problems described in this thread (locked screen, re-sets, re-connects during web sessions, etc.).

    Today I got fed up and went to the local Sprint Store - they rand a hardware diagnostic test and it failed. I am as we speak on hold w/Cust. Service hoping to get a replacement sent out to me.

    It may not be the same error for others but I would suggest getting to a Sprint store to have them run the test...

    Steve D.
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    Originally posted by nmotion
    I've singled it down to power. If I am fully charged, I have no problems, but after about 70%, it starts dropping calls, or just NOT connecting them. If I plug into power(car, adapter, sync) it will work fine, but if i unplug on a call... ZAP. Totally unacceptable.
    CONCUR WITH THESE FINDINGS! (And Sprint stores are completely backed up with requests for diagnostics. Not to mention that very few even seem to be stocking the 600.)
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    Originally posted by kenk63

    Not to mention that very few even seem to be stocking the 600.)
    yea, I cant find a local replacement either
    -Treo 600 on Sprint
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    I just started getting this error, whereby I cannot send or receive calls and I hae 4 bars.

    Sometimes it will even ring 1 or 2 times, and then *poof*
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    Origninally this was only a problem when the battery got below a certain amount. Now I am on 98% battery and having the same problem. Cannot make/aceept a call or use the web.

    What was the first step in replacement? Calling sprint or going directly to a PCS store? Do I need to schedule an appointment for diagnostics to be performed??
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    i've called to ask and they said that replacements have to be done thru the sprint store. but then again, i've heard that if you complained enough, you can do it over the phone. the problem, I just called their warehouse to find out if they have any in stock and they said that they are about 350 t600's on back order for now. it might be a while, or you would have to call everyday to see if your local sprint store has any in stock.

    EVERYONE THAT HAS THIS ISSUE HAS TO KEEP REPORTING IT AND MAKE SURE THEY NOTE IT so it will eventually become a known issue and a manufacture defect. As for now, its not in their database as a problem for t600 users.
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    I called pcs support and the trouble person I spoke with on the phone was very quick to send me in for diagnostics. I aksed if he had heard of anything like this before and he said "I've heard about it, but not had any firsthand experience". So it sounds like they are aware of the issue we are having.

    I'm headed to the PCS store, since they don't answer their phone, and see how far I can get. I'll fill-in the details when I return.
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    I'm having the same problems starting just today... I was hoping it was a network, rather than hardware, problem.
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    Well, I just got back from the PCS store.

    When I arrived there, I noticed my battery level went from 98% (when I left the office) to 0% and was popping up the bettery warning. Odd, I thought, then proceded to explain my problem.

    The service rep took my phone, dialed his number, and it worked fine.

    We talked for a few about the history (no problems until this weekend) and he said if it happens again to call them back for a replacement.
    I went next door for some take-out, and whie waiting I had an incoming call; two rings and "network search..." and the call dropped.

    I then tried to cal the service rep's phone number (what a fool, usin his own number for a test!), but same result. I took my food and walked back to the PCS store. They have to pull a replacement from a nearby store, but they ARE replacing it, no-hassle style.

    While I was there, I spoke to a person next to me replacing his Treo 600. Apparently his earpiece died. We talked about how much we both love the phone, aside from these annoyances. Just as I was leaving, I see another 600 owner coming in the door, his Treo arriving in the box with burned pixels.
    So are we looking at a great product hampered by QC issues in manufacturing? How many 6 yr old chineese workers will we have to flog in order to get these devices manufactured correctly?!

    Also, I talked with a friend who also has a 600. He said he had this problem when he first got his phone, he said:

    "I got that for a few days, and then it fixed itself...loaded a new PRL"

    I dont know what a PRL is, do you? I'm not sure how it would "fix itself" if it was a hardware issue. maybe there are different factors involving the same problem?

    Lastly, I'd just like to point out how lucky I am to have a GREAT PCS Store nearby. I've been to others; walked out because nobody waited on me, argued loudly to reps who were flat out wrong, been told "you're sh*t out of luck" to my face by other reps, but the PCS store in Reston, VA is different for some odd reason. They have (on several occasions) gone out of their way to deliver for me and should be commended on that.
    If you are in the NoVa area, go to THAT one, and avoid at all costs, their Tyson's store. If you want to talk nightmare service, I could talk volumes on that place.
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    I had all the same symptoms everyone here has described. That is why boards like these are so important, as are everyone's thoughts and contributions.

    I knew I would find posts from others with the same problem, so I searched here first. Based on that, I took the following steps:

    Called all Sprint stores within a 60 mile radius. Only one had any t600's in stock. I asked if they did, and the Sprint guy asked "Do you mean to buy?" Of course I said yes, because I wanted to know if he had any. Once he said yes, I said "Thats' good, because I'm having some problems with mine." He said "Well then you don't want to buy one. That's different." I assured him that I'd talked to Sprint customer service and they told me to go to a Sprint store and have the phone tested. The guy at the store said their tech would test it, but it would take an hour, and it was totally up to the tech whether I got a new phone. I told him that was fine, and wouldn't mind if I had to wait the 2-3 days while Sprint sen t me a new one.

    Drove to the store, told her the problems, came back after the hour was up and that was it. Got a new phone, provisioned as I was walking back to my car, popped in my SD card with all my back-up info, and I was back in business.

    Hurray! ('til next time...)
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    I bought my phone in October. No problems until two days ago when I got the Network Search problem. Despite having 2 to 3 bars of reception, when I tried calling voice mail, I would get the Network Search message and then the call would end without ever connecting. This happened for a few minutes and then did not happen again until today.

    I was receiving a call but could not answer it, the buttons did nothing. When I tried calling out, kept getting the Network Search message. Could not call voice mail or anyone. This lasted for approx ten minutes, then everything worked fine.

    One more thing. My wife also has a Treo 600, which I bought her about 3 weeks after I got mine. When I was having the Network Search problem, I tried making calls from her phone from the exact same place and was able to do so with no problems. This tells me that this is a hardware problem (with my phone, not hers - duh).

    I will continue to monitor because if it is a common hardware problem, then getting a replacement may not be the solution, just a postponement. I will also continue to report to this post.

    Thanks, Pelican
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    I had this problem since Friday - the phone is virtually useless, because the connection would get lost in almost any call.

    I called Sprint's tech support (nice, helpful guy) and told them my problem; when he suggested that I bring it to a Sprint store to have a tech look at it, I told him that it has been brought up on these boards that it's definitely a hardware issue and that a replacement was the only fix mentioned.

    He then suggested that I bring it in to the store and get an immediate replacement. When I said that the stores in the area were certainly out of stock, and I really didn't want to waste a trip, he put me on hold to make some calls.

    He came back on and told me that he called stores in my area and they were indeed out of T600's; he then said he'd sent me a replacement immediately and I'd receive it in 3-5 days.

    Hopefully a happy ending!
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    I just noticed this problem on 12/26 and here are the following symptoms that I could find:

    Can't receive calls under most busy signal, no vmail, NOTHING...just dead air when people try to call me.

    Outbound calls seem to work when I'm in decent signal areas...when I only have 1 or 2 bars of signal, it looks like things are okay, but when I try to make a call..."Network Search"

    Frequent freezes where the device is unresponsive, then back, then freeze again

    Strange battery behavior--- longer time to charge...quicker drain in some cases...

    Very odd--why did all of this happen around the same time for us?
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    After visiting the SPCS store, they updated my PRL so I can now receive calls...haven't tested to determine any improvements in reception or behavior yet.

    Have a new T600 on order, and can only speculate that we are victims of a PRL upgrade gone bad somehow...

    That being said, the phone failed diagnostics, so maybe its a combination of phone hardware and network.
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