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    I recently dstarted having this exact problem...but only AFTER tow things:

    1) I used the T600 external battery on a road trip; and

    2) I started flying frequently

    My first thought was that the external battery messed with the device as it was very obvious to me that this was a power issue, but now after reading this thread and seeing how many people have this problem, I'm wondering if there is any way XRAY at the airports could damage the internal radio of the 600. I'm thinking air travel would be a more common denominator then using the $50 externa; battery... or;

    Does Palm One;s quality control just really suck eggs!

    On a positive note: One trip into a Sprint Store had me walking out the door with a BRAND NEW phone (including all accessories...whenI only returned the defective phone). No questions asked...easy and polite as possible. BUT the new phone (branded Palm One) does have the blue screen issue when you change the viewing angle.
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    I will relate to everyone my experience as it deals exactly with this issue.

    I actually posted this before (in this thread), but I think it got pruned/deleted/sucked into the abyss.

    I have been having the Network Search error for months now. Months!!! I figured out, on my own, that a direct thwap on a semi-hard object will temporarily fix the problem. It's still a B.S. fix for a $600 phone.

    So, a while back, I went down to my local Sprint store to have it looked at and replaced.

    It failed all of their tests and they were all ready to give me a brand new phone right then and there when they noticed that my ESN sticker on the back was not there (it had fallen off). I argued and fought with then for 15 minutes about a sticker being an ignorant way to void a warranty... but they weren't having it.

    (There was another member of this thread with the same issue, but he was smart enough to save his sticker)

    So I left w/o a new phone and w/ several emotions running high about Sprint. When I told him I was leaving with a defective phone he literally said, "Too bad."

    I continued to use my defective phone for an additional two months.

    I _finally_ called Sprint today because I had plenty of free time to deal with them.

    I told support my exact problem and they were ready to give me a new phone. They were very sympathetic and understanding. I just had to go back to the store to have it done. They had marked my account to have it replaced.

    This is when I told him about my lost ESN sticker. He said that was crap and that it certainly does not void the warranty.

    At this point HE is furious with the store that I went to and decided that he would indeed MAIL me a brand new phone.

    I am expecting it in 3-5 business days.

    Go Sprint!!!

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