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    Well I have my replacement now. Everything is fine so far. It sucks inputting program serials in after syncing the new phone though. Now I am waiting to see if anyone starts having the same issue on their replacement phone.
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    So I thought I was lucky with the new PRL update of 1023.

    But, it seems that the problem of freezing with Network Search continues..

    If the phone is plugged in, the phone works great. If it is unplugged and about 78% or less in battery power. I can make a call about 1 in 5 times. or maybe even less.

    Very frustrating... I will be calling Sprint tonight to see if I can get a replacement.
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    Originally posted by wikka
    I'm so pissed at my treo right now.
    I so hate making a trip to the Sprint store but i have the same network search issue. My phone as been useless all day.
    Home, work, around other sprint phones.. doesn't matter.. always "network search" on making and receiving calls.
    bah! bah! i say.
    Don't be angry at Treo... blame Sprint and their outmoded technology.

    The world will be a much better place when everyone is on GSM...
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    I've been experiencing the same problem, but here are my circumstances:

    * First (and only time) I experienced problem was on 2/7.
    * Bought Treo as soon as it came out from HS in October.
    * Applied update from HS same day I received text message.
    * Hardware is rev B.
    * PRL was 10021.
    * Battery indicator was low.
    * Happened in Southern NJ in a low Sprint signal area.
    * Phone kept switching between Sprint & Roaming.
    * Same issues (freezing, dropped calls, no incoming, etc.).
    * Dialed *2 from my home area (NoVA) and got the automatic update (today).
    * PRL is now 10023.
    * Using original T300 car charger and aftermarket T300 car charger from Sprint.

    I'll take mine into the Reston, VA store as chumprock suggested but, if it fails the secret test, I will not accept anything less than a new phone (not a refurb). I spent too much money to have a "new" phone become defective after only 4 months of usage, and then given a refurb.

    I would recommend the same to all of you. I pushed hard enough with the T300 when I kept losing my data after the battery died and Sprint eventually sent me a new replacement. I can understand getting a refurb after the original warranty period, but not during.

    I will post again with any updates.

    BTW - BackupMan is awesome! No need to re-enter serial numbers, etc.

    ** Also, whenever you call Sprint, make sure you always ask for the "Wireless Web" group. They are the only ones who know how to handle Treo technical issues and seem to know what they're doing. They also don't talk down to you as if you don't know what you're doing. **

    P.S. - For those of you that don't know, anytime you want to see if there's a newer PRL, simply dial *2 from your phone, press 1 for English, and Claire will tell you that you need an update. If she doesn't, then there's no new update for your phone. I noticed phildro went to the store and they updated the PRL for him, but not sure if he (and others) knew you could do it yourself.

    P.P.S. - SMS should be up and running nationwide officially on 2/13 according to the wireless web tech I spoke with, which coincides with another person's post on this board.

    (edited to add car charger info)
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    anybody figure this one out yet?? How many people are using the treo 300 car charger and having this problem?
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    Have INDEED been using the Treo 300 car charger with the 600-- both my previous 600, which fell prey to the "Network Search" debacle, and my new replacement (activated January 2, and yet to fall prey). Do you recommend ceasing use of the 300 charger??? Anyone have the problem but without having used the 300 car charger?
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    I have an october model. My problems began with the download of the firmware update. Think back and see if you can tie in the dropped calls and network search to the update. Spoke to Sprint and no one seemed to know anything about the problem.
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    My problems began with the download of the update
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    Originally posted by kenk63
    Anyone have the problem but without having used the 300 car charger?
    I'm using the 300 car charger as well, I'm wondering if anyone has encountered the "Network Search" problem exclusively using the 600 charged?
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    I have.
    I've sometimes used the Treo 300 wall charger, but the specs are the same.
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    I called Sprint to replace my phone as this Network search issue is getting to be too much of an annoyance. They said they would only give me a refurbished phone.

    Not a big fan. What do you think? I guess I can try going back into the store and getting a new replacement there.

    Is this definitely a hardware problem? Or do you think software?
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    I bought mine On October 8th 2003. Never a problem until Yesterday( 02/11/03). I did find it to be an interesting coincidence that my problems started the same day that SMS started working in the Philly area. Any connection there?
    Anyway, I had updated my phone on Friday 02/06/03. No problems till 02/11/03. The dreaded "Network Search" and then my battery went from 100% (fresh off the charger) to 0% and the shutting down warning in all of ten seconds. I use the Handspring wall charger at home every night and I use the TreoCentral T600 car charger in the car but only if the battery is less than 50%.

    sprint store said tonight that they are shipping me a new one. However the store manager said they had two in stock but could not give them out for exhanges. Is this Bull**** and should I go back and B*tch them out till they give me one over the counter?
    Ok...I feel a little better now....
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    Just a thought...How would one go about undoing the Sprint Update? Is this possible? It seems to be the culprit here!
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    I did a hard reset to see what happens. Now the only time I get "Network Search" is if I try to use the speakerphone button. What's that all about? After reset the phone software still says Treo600-1.10-SPR, Hardware A, PRL 10023, PRI Checksum: 0x8D39.
    Going to back up only neccesary files from BackupMan card info. Let's see what happens.
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    And getting a new one somehow will not make me rest easy.
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    So, anyone out there with a replacement. Did it fix the problem?

    It's such a flaky inconsistent problem. I don't know if it is software or network related as I haven't had the problem in the last 2 days. Although I haven't used the phone that much.

    What a dilemna. Should I try to replace my phone or should I wait and see if Sprint or Handspring is going to fix the problem with software.
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    I got a my replacement..
    Been using it for a week and have never had teh problem again.
    Before I could barely make 1 or 2 complete calls a day.
    It's definately a hardware issue.. not software/network

    P.S. I used BackupMan to move my stuff over so i'm prety sure it's not a software issue
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    I started having this problem after applying the recent update form Sprint...

    After a day it seemed to have gone away, so I assumed it had something to do with the update.

    But when the problem came back, I noted two other things: if I was experiening the problem (Network Search), the camera was also messed up: static or intereference when viewing the live image. As a reaction, I thumped the unit on the backside next to the camera lens very lightly and viola! The network search suddenly went away.

    I have not been able to get Sprint to replace my phone, because the issue dissappears by the time I get to a store.

    I have noticed today that I can usually make it reappear by inserting my SD card quickly a couple of times, and I can make it go away with a little thump.

    Now I am not suggesting that having to thump a $600 telephone is acceptable, but I am curiuous if anyone else has seen the camera issue at the same time, and if tappig the back next to the lens resolves both issues....
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    Symptoms: When dialing or receiving a call, phone freezes & "Network Search" appears. Call is lost. Doesn't appear to be affected by signal strength.

    I had this sporadically, sometimes not for days, sometimes 20+ times when trying to make a call. Oddly enough, it didn't happen & could be stopped by plugging the phone into a powered sync cable.

    This is a hardware failure. Went to the Sprint store, the techniclain disappeared with my phone for some period of time. The customer service rep then came back out, said that my phone would be replaced. Received it on Monday after going to the store on the Friday before. Synced the new one up, sent the old one back in the shipping container they provided, currently living happily ever after.

    I had been trying to get to the store when it was failing, but went the day after a string of failures. Which, by the way, showed up in the call log. (20+ calls trying to get to my voice mail within about 5 minutes.)

    I do my share of complaining about Sprint customer service, but this was handled well.
    Steven Smith
    Atlanta, GA
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    I am having all the same problems with the seraching network message as soon as my power drops to 80% or so. I am exclusively using T600 chargers so I doubt that it is related to the T300 charger usage. I also understand the specs to be the same for both. I also have applied the Sprint update although I doubt there is a connection unless the updated revised power outputs but I would venture to say that would only be done via hardware.
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