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    Originally posted by phildro

    Strange battery behavior--- longer time to charge...quicker drain in some cases...

    Very odd--why did all of this happen around the same time for us? [/B]
    Wow. I thought it was just my imagination.

    phildro makes two very good and significant points:

    1. I did notice a quicker battery drain and longer charging time (sometimes all night and still no green light) right around the time that the symptoms appeared. I thought it was TreoAlert and so I removed it).

    2. Why DID this happen to us at the same time?

    I will continue to monitor my phone as well as this forum to see developments. I would hate going through the hassle of getting a replacement phone, only to have it happen all over again a few months later.

    My theory - it is the "radio" that these phones are using. It happened to us because we purchased the first lot of the T600's (damn, it sucks being on the cutting edge sometimes). They had not yet worked out the bugs with the "radio", which goes bad for some reason after a couple of months. Not fact, just my theory.
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    Here's my speculation...only that...

    Did anyone NOT buy their phone around October?

    I have seen other threads, like the guy who ran his battery down and then it never came back on...

    I agree with the radio thing...not sure if it has just gotten tired, or whether the recent PRL upgrade by Sprint left us in the lurch somehow...

    Would the phone freeze and lock up due to an obsolete PRL?

    To chumprock, in case no one answered your question, a PRL is a "Preferred Roaming List" if I recall correctly. Every phone has one to keep track of which CDMA towers to communicate with, even those that are not on the Sprint network.

    The PRL's are periodically updated every so often over the never really notice that this has occured unless you check the version in the "Phone Info" screen. These are apparently quite important to the performance of the phone.

    I am thinking that somehow our older model perhaps didn't have a radio that could accept the PRL upgrade over the air? I have it now that the Sprint tech manually performed it, and can now receive calls...

    My Treo and others have failed diagnostic tests (the tech called it an "origination" test) and somehow could not receive the signal that the testing equipment issued. I'm thinking this may be a red herring since I don't have much confidence in their tests, but I'll be happy to get a brand new replacement anyway...

    Anyone else, chime in if you haven't received any calls in the past few days..>TRY TO CALL YOURSELF to make sure you are not a victim too!
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    Was finally able to track down a new Treo 600 (Version C) at a Sprint store in the NY area, which did replace the malfunctioning Treo (Version B--perhaps of note--as with everyone else it seems, gotten in October immediately upon release of the phone) after it unsurprisingly failed the diagnostic test. So far, the new one is working AOK. But the following web page may be of direct importance--am not sure, but definitely of interest!--to anyone looking to rectify the bizarre Network Search problems:

    Hope to hear reports of this doing the trick for everyone who is still battling.
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    This entire thread is interesting to me considering I didnt start having this issue until AFTER the update...go figure. The other thing I find interesting is that NETWORK issues mean just that, something in the network and not the hardware (which is your telephone). I am rather amazed at the amount of people here who freaked and demanded new phones. If the network is STILL having the same problems, don'cha think your brand new phone will once again receive the dreaded NETWORK searching thingy?.........I thought so too.
    ~ ScandaLous ~
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    I have been having the same problem with my phone, in different locations. BTW, I have hardware C and I have had the phone since November, and I have not applied the update mentioned above.

    This morning I kept getting calls that I couldn't answer with 2 bars on the reception icon.

    I checked my wife's sprint phone and she had three bars. My battery was at 49%.

    I tried my wife's phone and it worked fine. My phone would go into network search when I attempted a call and would drop calls after 3 rings, and would not answer the calls when I responded.

    IT'S NOT THE NETWORK, or my wife's phone would be having problems too, right? It's gotta be a TREO hardware problem.

    When I plug the phone into the charger it works normally. Guess I'll be calling Sprint on this one, I'm getting tired of it.
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    I started having this problem, even after the software update. The phone would lock for a couple seconds, "Network Search..." would appear where "Sprint" normally appears, and I was unable to make calls. It would "time out" trying to make a call, and then drop back to the phone application. Sometimes this would happen for several minutes of attempts to make a phone call.

    I took the phone to a store for diagnostics, and it failed the "HP" test, though I'm not sure what that means. They offered to replace the phone.

    Oh, that's where the story gets interesting. After checking on the diagnostics, the customer service person decided to tell me they didn't want to be the "bad guy", but that they could not replace my phone because the warranty was voided by the fact I removed the ESN sticker on the back of the phone. I had explained that the sticker had started to peel off, and that it had been getting worse, so I peeled it off and put it in my box with my manual, etc.

    This didn't make her happy, and she claimed there was still nothing she could do. She also told me that these stickers "don't do that", and kept this view, implying I was being some kind of liar. I said I could go home and get the stupid sticker and bring it in, but she said once it's removed, the warranty is permanently voided. I explained there was nothing in written on the sticker that my warranty was voided if it was removed, that I still had the sticker, and in any case, it is impossible for any Treo 600 to be out of warranty at this date, so it's not like I'm trying to switch around stickers and phones to commit some kind of fraud, if that's what she was getting at.

    Anyway, I went home, got the sticker, found that there was no easy way to get this clear sticker to attach easily. No adhesive was left on it. Finally, I decided to get some clear tape, and tape the stupid sticker back on. There was no way to hide this fact, so I was prepared to explain the tape was on the phone because, look, the corners are peeling off (they were), and I put the tape there to stop it from coming off completely. I noticed it would be very hard to remove the tape without having to claim that if the sticker came off with it, it was they who did that, if they decided to test the adhesiveness of my sticker.

    Anyway, I went to a different store and got the phone replaced, luckily they didn't question the tape, and learned two lessons... One, don't remove the stupid ESN sticker, and if it is starting to come off, take the phone in and get a new one, stating that the sticker is an integral component of the phone, and will void the warranty if it comes off, so you need a new one. Second, it is amazing how rude customer service people can be, even in the light of logic. Since the phone has only been available for a couple months, nobody would even need to swap stickers around if they were trying to get an out of warranty phone replaced by putting a newer sticker on it, since right now it is impossible to have purchased a phone that is now out of the warranty period.

    Even if people were doing that, is it worth telling a good customer with a $600 defective phone that their phone is broken, they are now out $600, and that they are a liar???

    Anyway, sorry for rambling.
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    I'm so pissed at my treo right now.
    I so hate making a trip to the Sprint store but i have the same network search issue. My phone as been useless all day.
    Home, work, around other sprint phones.. doesn't matter.. always "network search" on making and receiving calls.
    bah! bah! i say.
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    So I took my phone into the Sprint store today and they said they were going to "test" it. An hour and a half later (no joke) they said that it didn't pass the test, the phone was bad....

    Exact words, no other explanation other than they were ordering a replacement phone and it would arrive in 2-5 days. Honestly, I don't even think they know what's wrong with it.

    I told them to check this forum if they want more information about the problem. Anyway, I am going on the road tomorrow with a phone that will only work if it's plugged in to a charger... what a pain in the a$$. I hope the new (refurb?) phone is here when I get back and that it works OK.
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    Same problems... bought the phone in October. I have Rev. A hardware.

    So far, my tests are coming up with getting the network search bug at low power levels, too. WHen I get down to the battery showing RED at the bottom, I can't make any calls out.

    I'm also getting a battery with a red-X over it at various times. Sometimes when FULL at 100%, sometimes midway, and sometimes lower. It seems that the red-X indicates that the phone can't tell how much power there is left in the battery.

    WHen left to deplete long enough, my phone can't even charge. I plug in the charger and nothing happens... the charging doesn't happen, no charging tone, etc.

    After being on the phone with Sprint for about an hour, they tell me that they do have an inconclusive issue relating to battery power, but at this time they think the problem lies in the chargers. Supposedly there are a bunch of bad car-chargers out there that are the wrong type.

    Anyway, I explain that I have two chargers and both are operating the same way - so no dice on that solution.

    Finally, after he's called six Sprint stores in the Greater LA area, he explains that there are NO Treo600s in stock anywhere... and that I have to go into a store to report the problem so they can order me a phone directly.

    I finally make it into a Sprint store and it's just jammed. No other Treo600 users, but they are insanely busy. You have to sign a list and then you wait to get helped.

    A guy finally reviews things with me and just says, ok and explains that he's noted my account for a replacement, but they haven't seen Treos for over a month and they have no idea when any store will see them. He says, even for people wanting to buy new phones, they don't have them.

    For those out there wanting to buy a new phone, I recommend calling Sprint directly. Another friend managed to buy one and they say it's supposed to be delivered in 5-10 days.

    The guy also said that I will likely get a refurbished Treo600 - and that I could also try and go through the Handspring site - as he'd heard that helped some people get action sooner.

    Bottom line for me is that I have a phone that goes in and out of knowing how much battery power there is.... and has locked up for a day - not being able to charge at all.. and powering down.

    My uneducated guess is that it's a combination battery and software problem... partially caused new settings initiated by the update. It seems like there is something happening with the battery that's confusing the phone into thinking it doesn't have enough power to connect to the network and make calls. Perhaps the battery really doesn't last as long as the software is designed to think it lasts?
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    I got back from my road trip and the new (REFURBISHED) phone was waiting for me.

    While traveling I had to plug in my charger in order to check voicemails or make calls. The phone had gotten progressively worse to where it would only answer or dial out maybe one out of ten tries.

    I called Sprint this morning and they activated the new phone.

    The software is Treo 600- 1.10 - SFR, the hardware is "C".

    The phone seems to work OK but I seem to have lost access to the Vision Services.

    I'll update this when I get resolution.
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    My phone also failed whatever test they do in the secret lab at the sprint store.
    My replacement should be here tomorrow. Wish me luck.
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    my phone asked me to update the vision services today, which I did, and everything seems to work normally.

    BTW, I used BackUpMan to restore my new phone to the old phone's configuration with the SD card and it worked great. I'm up and running again.
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    I have been having this issue and finally went into the store last Thursday to report it. I had hesitated because my phone has some dings on it so I figured they would try to pin the problem on mishandling.

    So I had myself all prepared for the argument of a lifetime. I was going to go on about buying a $600 phone that can't receive calls, etc. Well I was wrong. They said it failed the infamous test. But then proceeded to tell me that because I purchased through Handspring it was not under warranty with Sprint. Has anyone else heard this before? So I was building up to a full on argument when the guy says "just a minute let me see what I can do".

    So I actually have a replacement ordered and I should have it within a couple of days. I only posted to encourage others to go in to the store. It actually was pretty painless.

    Now i will have a pristine phone again!!! It actually would be nice if this issue popped up again in another 3-4 months.
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    For what it is worth - having same problem as everyone else. Started the day before the upgrade(1/26) and progressively got worse. Called *2 on 2/4 and it automatically sent a patch OTA. Helped for a little while (2 days) and then started up again. Have noticed that below 80% charge this condition happens. Also seeing the the accelerated battery drain. Additionally, the screen freezes not only when making/receiving calls but during simple games like AcidSolitaire. Not good.

    Software: 1.10 SPR
    Hardware: B
    PRL: 10021
    Purchase date: October 6th.
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    Originally posted by suburbanguy
    For what it is worth - having same problem as everyone else. ...Software: 1.10 SPR
    Hardware: B
    PRL: 10021
    Purchase date: October 6th.
    suggest you take it to the sprint store. My replacement phone is the same software as yours but hardware is "C".

    so far, so good.
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    I too started getting the network search answering/making calls. Screen would freeze at times for 5+ seconds. Sometimes missing the S on the Sprint in the top left hand corner.

    Sunday I took it into the tech sprint store. they ran all the tests and they say I pass. Frustrated, I asked them to look again, they said they would do a "refurbish" on it, which would reinstall all the software and updates.

    strange thing is I still have the problem. I am still on the new patch 1.1 and my PRL is 10020. I thought there was a new PRL??

    They won't replace the phone since it passed all their tests. Not sure what to do now. I bought through handspring during the upgrade promotion. Hardware RevB.

    All this started I think after the update, a few days after though, not immediately.

    Frustrating as hell. I'm surprised there's only a few of us.
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    I have been having the Network Search problem since the end of December (I purchased the phone in the middle of October). The problem got progressively worse as time went on.

    I have posted several times to this forum as well as tracked related posts. I can now say with full confidence that the problem is NOT related to software (I even installed the latest patch) and had revision "C". I purchased my wife's phone at the same time and she has never had this problem.

    And although there appears to be some charging and discharging issues that are related, I experienced the problem even when the phone was fully charged.

    So bottom line, it has to be a HARDWARE issue.

    Anyway, I called Sprint customer service and I explained the problem. I also explained that the Sprint stores are out of the phone and that I refuse to go there anyway, and as a loyal Sprint customer since 1997, they should take care of me. Also, this is a KNOWN issue, just look at the forums for proof.

    To make a long story short, they sent me a new phone (not a refurb) and everything is working fine, just waiting for the mailing kit to send back the old phone. I received my phone the next day after my last call to them (I had to call several times over two days). What great service!

    Bottom line, don't settle for anything less than exceptional service. Hey, you paid between $400 to $600 and this is simply unacceptable!
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    Just a tip for returning - make sure you call Sprint Tech Support before you go to the store and have them paste the "Known Issue" report into your record. Apparently there was a paper issued on this Feb. 2nd, so tech support should be able to find it by searching for "network search."

    Anyhow, it made my THIRD trip to the Sprint store to get a replacement Treo 100 times easier...
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    Originally posted by pelican
    So bottom line, it has to be a HARDWARE issue.
    .... don't settle for anything less than exceptional service. Hey, you paid between $400 to $600 and this is simply unacceptable!
    Pelican's right... This is the bottom line.

    If you are experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned in this thread, you are dealing with a known defect and you should not tolerate anything other than an immediate replacement phone.

    If you are having these problems now, they WILL get worse!

    DEMAND (nicely) that they deal with the problem.

    So far, so good with my replacement refurb.

    Good luck.
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