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    I'm testing the latest TAKEphONE program for the Treo 600.

    I can see the benefit of this program for nonkeyboard devices. But what is the real benefit of using it with the 600 and its keyboard?
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    Everything else aside, if only for this one reason, when in contacts with TakephONE, you don't have to scroll thru all the numbers of EACH contact (you get the names only, so you see much more at once). But in the built in one, you do...
    That on top of alot more things that I do, like,
    Creating an appointment/Call into DateBook, sending a SMS and much more...
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    Also, when driving in the car or when dialing at night, it's a LOT easier to see the Takephone buttons to search for a contact than it is to see those little keyboard keys to press.
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    BTW, there is an official T600 release coming soon, I am sure ut's gonna be GREAT. It will have much more options...

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