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    I've loaded the ClockPop5 instead of the ClockPopHack on my Treo 600. I notice that the date at the bottom doesn't display unless I've got the "appointments" box checked.

    Anyone else have this problem ?
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    Yes, the date doesn't show on mine either (it did on the hack version). I haven't tried checking the appts box yet.
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    Clockpop5 lets you configure it so that you can show what you want to see. Take a look at the configuration settings.
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    Just downloaded ClockPop5 to my SPCS T600 and I can't get it to trigger so that I can see the time. When I hit the trigger it takes me back to the ClockPop5 set up page. Am I missing something? Seems like it would be a nice app. Thanks.
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    Go to Clockpop Preferences. Select the hardkey you want to use to trigger Clockpop (I use the Memo/Power button). Make sure the box is checked that says ClockPop5 On.
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    Thanks Alli, it's working like a charm. I wonder why it didn't work using the datebook key? Oh well, it works now. By the way, what does the delay time do for ClockPop5? Thanks.
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