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    I never got rid of it, and now I have AIM 1.1 (build 5) on my Treo 600. I'm a bit wary about actually running it, though, as it used to cause some pretty nasty crashes on my Treo 300.

    Does anyone have any experience with this? The posts that I dug up indicate that almost everyone is using Verichat, Chatter, or simply hasn't complained about AIM yet.

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    I got v1.1 build 5 of AOL IM for the Palm OS.

    I like it, hasn't crashed on me yet on my Treo 600.

    I think it's solid and that's why I haven't bothered yet with Chatter or any of the others.

    -- Vikram
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    crashes my t600
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    I have v1.0 UK and it appears to work fine on the 600. (I haven't used it extensively, however).

    When v1.1 came out, they started charging for it. (Plus, I think it was causing problems on the 270 as well) A link was posted from a site in the UK that still had the free download of v1.0 which works on a US 270. I don't know if you can still get this version - but a search on these boards might locate it.

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    has anyone yet tried version 1.2, which seems to be the most recent version? If I'm gonna have to pay about $20 bucks for an AIM client (Chatter, Verichat, AOL AIM) I would prefer to the the AOL version...if it works. I do not need multiple service support. Anyone know if it is stable on the 600?
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    If you're gonna spend the $20ish dollars I would definitely recommend Verichat or Chatter. We all know that they "work" and the support you will get from either of them is top notch. Unlike with our friends @ AOL.
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    It seems like it's working for more people out there than i thought. Maybe it has to do with different hardware revisions? Anyways, I wouldn't take the chance and spend the $20 on chatter. i bought AIM 1.2 and it worked fine except whenever a reset happened I would then be forced to hard reset. I don't see any reason to take the chance, Chatter works better anyways.
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    Same as the new boss.

    AIM 1.1 build 5 is subject to a similar hard-reset bug. I had to erase all my data to get the Treo back in a functional state, and am resyncing right now.

    So much for that...
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    ok you guys have got me convinced. The other thing I didn't notice until recently is both VeriChat and Chatter both have trial periods, unlike the AOL version. There is nothing more that dislike is shareware with no trial version. Case in point, I was looking into Mark/Space's The Missing Sync to use with my Treo (since handspring does not have a photo sync conduit yet) but they do not have a trial period for me to try it so those guys lost out on $29 from me. Thanks for the help everyone.

    ps. Do you need a data plan to use any of the three? For AOL AIM it looked like you only needed SMS text messaging. Do you need data plans for chatter and or verichat?
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    Originally posted by richardnixon

    ps. Do you need a data plan to use any of the three? For AOL AIM it looked like you only needed SMS text messaging. Do you need data plans for chatter and or verichat?
    You need to have some form of a data connection in order to chat.
    Whether it be dial up or gprs or if you're a Sprint customer you should already have their Vision.
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    oh thats a bit dissapointing. I am still debating a data plan. It seems they are a bit expensive for the amount of data allowed. Having an AIM client on my Treo just seemed like a cool thing but not absolutely necessary since most of my AIM buddies have SMS enabled phones. I noticed millerhifi, that you are using cingular and I assume you have a data plan. Which one are you signed up on and about how much do you use each month?
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    For the longest time, back when I aquired the 270 a year and 1/2 ago I always had 1MB which was plenty for me, as for a long time Cingular had issues with tracking data. About 3 mos. ago I changed it to there 5MB plan @ $14.99 and this has been more than enough (YMMV). I'll let you in on a little secret (which no one else has commented on, seems kinda odd!). Cingular is having some issues right now tracking data if you have both GPRS "wireless internet express" and "MMS" on your account! I recieved my 600 on 11/20, pulled my SIM card out of the 270 and into the 600 and the last amount of data tracked if you looked at your acct. on the web site was 11/20....
    They will catch up eventually so I have been keeping a close eye on it!
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    hmm. Maybe I will check into the data plan then. Having MMS would be cool as well and I would like to be able to get maps and such while on the road and if they have trouble keeping track of usage, even better Thanks for the info.
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    Don't know how long that will last though and don't hold me responsible when they do start tracking.
    Actually you really don't need MMS, it is a waste of $2.99 a month since you can use the "mail" app included or whatever email app (that supports attachments) you choose to send photo's.
    I've only left MMS on my account for the reasons mentioned above. Take it off and you will see data tracked on your account instantly!
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    I must've had a lucky build of AIM 1.1, because it never caused me any resets. The only problem I had with it was that whenever I tried to IM anyone, it would tell me they weren't available, even though they were showing up on my buddy list.

    Other than that, it seemed to work fine.

    - Mike
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    So I guess it doesn't really work!
    Or are they still getting your IM's even though it says that they are not available?
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    Dear RaptorCK,

    I use AIM Version 1.1 (Build 5) daily and have never had any resets in regards to AIM.

    While it is quirky, please see:

    I do like it as it is FREE unlike version 1.2 and above.

    Dave Lindberg
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    I am using aim ver 1.2 build 2 and it seems to work just fine.

    I got it months ago when they were not charging for it. I ran it on my tungsten C and just transferred it over.

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