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    was at best buy this after noon.... for those who care, they have a sale on their FUJI 256mb card. 79 clams after rebate.

    i looked around on their site and it wasn't listed, so i don't have a link, sorry.

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    That's not a good price for a 256MB SD card. Hope the Fuji brand does something the others don't for that price.
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    A few clicks on eBay will have a 256MB card to you for $56 including shipping, no rebate forms to deal with.

    Does Fuji do something special?
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    not sure about the fuji card compaired to other vendors, but i did not want to go with SanDisk. they have reported problems with the T6 and i didn't want to take the chance.

    as far as ebay.... $56 is nice, add shipping and the dice roll with not being able to return your item if it becomes defective... BestBuy being local and less hastle made it a no brainer for me.

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    fuji cards are sandisk, at least the one i used for a short while (returned to best buy to buy their sandisk ag $49).

    the cards are identical...the switch, plasitc, coding, and notched middle are present on both cards.

    PNY is toshiba, btw.

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