Just got off the phone with Sprint. They are having a major computer problem. Apparantly a company that provided server services for their registration system went bankrupt and they have had to switch to a new system. If you have tried to change a password, username or activate a new phone over the past several days, chances hare you are messed up. The super said the system is SUPPOSED to be up and running by 6pm Central tonite (Dec 9th). BUT he said it was supposed to have been up by 2pm yesterday as well

Currently there are over 30,000 requests for validation, registration or changes in the que that will have to be processed once the system is really running and he does not know how long it will all take or if that backlog will cause additional problems.

Screwed myself by trying to change my username last week when the chip hit the cooling fan. No web for me until its all fixed then I will have to reset the whole system via ##774.

He said the techs SHOULD have been all aware of this by this a.m. but the ones I talked to did not. He said before this morning most techs would not have known what the problem was. All techs have been sent a status memo on the problem (mine must not have read it)

Anyway took me two days over 6hours on the phone and a dozen people techs and supers to get what, at least sounds, like the info.

IMPORTANT: If you call sprint Tech Support, the automated lady will ask you to repeat to her what area you need help in. One of the options for you to say back to her is "Wireless Web" DO NOT SAY THIS. The Autobot is not recognizing it (Super confirmed this, said they were looking into it) If you say 'Wireless web" you will be put in the regular Customer Solutions que and (20-30 min later) when you get a person and explain your problem you will be told that that she cant help you and will have to tranfer you to the Wireless Web people. Thus you go to the end of another que.

INSTEAD when you get the chance to say ANYTHING to the autobot, say "VISION" This command is recognized and will get you to the vision/wireless web folks.