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    Has anyone noticed that their Treo 600 connects to the Internet at random times?

    I have the CDMA version on Sprint.

    I have the following Internet Apps:

    Web (Blazer 3)
    Biz Con

    I have the mail checking set to manual for Mail and synchronization turned off for BizCon yet every once in a while I will see the connection no longer dormant.

    I wrote a small program to keep track of this (still trying to figure out how I can find out what/who made teh dormant internet connection live).

    Since 10 am it has connected like this:

    10:07 11 seconds
    10:15 11 seconds
    10:32 11 seconds
    10:34 17 seconds
    10:35 12 seconds
    10:44 11 seconds

    This almost seems like 2 sets of checks every 15 minutes, but I have all my mail programs (and accounts) set to manual. Anyone have any idea?
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    For the record, I also have Chatter installed (but not running), so I deleted it (to make sure it isn't the problem).

    Since then I have 11 more connections to the internet (maybe it needs to connect every once in awhile to stay "alive") and 1 connection that was 16 minutes long (assuming my program which detects the connection going live and dormant actuall works correctly).

    Nobody knows why this happens?
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    Boo hoo....

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    Deleting Chatter, was of course, only a temporary thing to figure out what is causing the connections...

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