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    Just curious before I spend $70 if anyone has tried out this handsfree kit for the car? Let me know what the pros and cons would be and if I should even wate my money. Thanks, and here is the website, its from Seidio

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    I just got this today. I will let you know my thoughts later when I get a chance to test it.
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    I have had this kit from Seidio for about a month. Most downside is the volume - turned up all the way it is still too low for me. If you turn your T600 volume up to max also, there is way too much feedback on both ends.
    Even though I paid $80 for it, I just disconneted it and installed the Irok FM transmitter instead. Biggest draw back on this is using the T600 mike - it's not the greatest.
    Neither one is the best - anyone have a solution for the feedback problem?
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    I have had this for three days and have not been able to fully "test" it. I am using it with my Treo 600. I have had no problems with speaker volume or any feedback. I believe my volume is on full on the Treo (it usually is). The unit is a bit bulky and has a vew too many cords hanging out the bottom. So far I am happy with it but need to check a bit more on the quality of my voice on the other end. I placed the mic on the car sun visor. To the receiving party it sounds like I am in a tunnel and obvious I am on hands free. This is my first attempt at hands free. Maybe this is the case with all Hands free units and I am being too demanding on the voice quality?

    I have also tried the Irock FM tranmitter. Not having a external mic with this setup just didn't work. The quality of using the speaker phone mic (on the Treo) just wasn't very good. I did however like hearing my call through all the car speakers.

    Mort, is there any reason you couldn't use the Seidio unit, but instead of plugging the speaker/mic into the Seidio unit, plug it into the Irock FM transmitter? This would require some type of Radio Shack adapter. This would give you the sound you are looking for.
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    Can this car kit be used for GSM? The website says "Sprint" only.. Anybody use this for GSM?
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    I just got the Seidio kit, and I can't get the Treo to use the Seidio's speaker at all. Is there some setting in the Treo I need to change?

    I agree that the geek factor (dangling wires, etc.) is definitely there, but I like how securely it holds the Treo, and how accessible it is (after some fiddling with different placements).

    FWIW, in my one test call I've done so far, my husband said I sounded good. I have the external mike clipped to my visor.

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