I'm looking for ideas. I'm using the $48 Radio Shack car kit suggested in another thread. Bought the RS 2.5->3.5mm stereo adapter, the RS cassette adapter, and the RS vent clip holder.

It all works great except for one detail. If I'm listening to FM with the stereo adapter plugged in, I don't hear the ring since the T600 thinks it's in stereo mode and redirects the ring through the jack not the internal speaker.

Right now, my inelegant solution is to keep the stereo adapter loosely plugged into the jack and plug it in fully when I answer or make a call so I get the sound through the cassette adapter and my car speakers. But that means I have to 1) answer the call, 2) switch the car audio to tape input, and 3) plug in the adapter. It can be a bit awkward.

Does anyone have a better solution? Might be time for some software where you can explicitly set the mode of the jack based on the app you are running: e.g., stereo mode for Pocket Tues, regular handsfree mono mode for everything else so the ringer goes through the T600 speaker.