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    It isn't an alarm manager, it is just a replacement for the original midi files. it was free, it worked with the 270 and almost works with the 600 (hot all sounds play).

    Btw, there is a bug, according to Bob Alarm creator, in the 600 regarding the included midi tones. They stop working unless you soft reset the device.

    for me, in agendus, if I set an event and put an alarm to it, it doesn't always sound when I pick it (like It did on the 270). It will play when the alarm is supposed to go off, but not when I pick it.

    They will also play when you do the alarm sounds prefs set-up.

    fyi the replacement midi are basically geeky in nature that there are a lot of sci-fi sounds in it.
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    Ok - so I just discovered Agendus, and I have to say, that it's abillity to link Contacts to Meetings and such, as well as telephone calls is great for me (I'm a consultant, and it's been a royal pain up till now). Of course, when an office calls from a number other then what's in my palm.. well, that sucks.

    I also find myself creating new Address book entires just for the company with no name, in addition to a person. Still a pain in the neck, but not terrible.

    So far I like it, but the 100% T600 navigation isn't there yet (as many others have pointed out). I guess I'm very surprised is the fact that there is no "customization" for the center button. For example, on the ToDo screen, I figured that I would be able to simply hit the center button once, select the ToDo I'm intrested in, and then hold the center button down to get the drop down screen. Instead, I kept on confirming that my ToDo was complete. That's a pain in the *** to say the least.

    I also don't like the contact management piece, but by the same token, I use TakePhone, and have never looked back. Since my 6035 I've used that software, and it has only gotten better with the Treo.

    With Snapper for Email, the only thing left that I really had quams with was the DateBook. I tried datebk5, and it's good.. don't get me wrong.. But the fact that you can display complete histories linked to people in Agendus makes it that much more worth while.

    Anyway, I guess I'd like to see some feedback from other Agendus / non-Agendus users and see what they have to say. T600 support certainly isn't there 100%, but I guess it's coming?

    Also, anyone use the Windows component? Is it any good? Better then the Palm Desktop?
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