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    Ok, I want a new headset, the one that comes with it doesn't suit me - the audio sounds like crap and I can barely hear someone talking in it. Recommendations?

    (Sidenote: is there a bluetooth SD card with handset avail?)
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    I'm a fan of these...

    Excellent quality and people can hear me, even in really windy conditions outdoors. And its really comfortable to wear.

    This is all until I can finally get a bluetooth SDIO card working in my Treo and a Bluetooth headset >_<
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    I am using Handspring's Treo High-Performance Headset. While I think the sound quality (for the Treo 600 user -- not necessarily the person on the other end of the conversation) is better than with the headset included with the Treo 600, I can't believe this headset actually costs extra ($14.99) and was not included as the default headset. Also, I don't love the actual ear bud piece itself, which is covered by a rubber/plastic ring rather than by fabric. In my experience, the rubber/plastic ring is much more likely to fall out of my ear.
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    I concur with Ksilebo on both points. The Jabra Earboom does a great job. Only thing is it doesn't like to stay in the phone. I'm guessing I need to trim it down. Ksilebo, have you had this experience?
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    I bought the Jabra WindUP. I also have the high performance Treo headset. The Jabra is better but I had to trim about 1/16" of rubber off of the connector to make it connect each time I pushed the plug in. Otherwise, you have to really push it hard to make sure it is connected.

    I have the one without the answer/end button but I ordered another one with the button. It should work.
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    I just purchased a Jabra Windup for my Treo 600 and am having a problem with it I hope some more experienced folks here can help solve:

    * I confirmed that I have the correct "universal style" 2.5mm, 3-pole jack version, yet when I insert the plug into the Treo 600 headset jack, the plug doesn't stay in the jack, it comes back out just enough so that I don't get audio in the earpiece. The only way I get audio in the earpiece is to manually press the plug into the jack and hold it there.

    * I have read here that some people have shaved or trimmed a little of the rubber base on the plug to get it to fit. What tool do you use to trim the plug? Can anyone provide some advice on what part to shave, how much (one person says 1/16"), and any cautionary things to watch out for? Is it possible to trim off too much and wreck things? I am worried that if I shave off too much of the base or the wrong parts, then I will ruin my Jabra Earset.

    * A more general question as a Treo 600 owner and booster: is the problem with the Jabra Windup plug being non-standard? Or is the problem with the Treo600 being non-standard? Or are they just not compatible on a standard basis to work together?

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    It is the Treo jack that is the problem.
    It is recessed far too much.
    There is an excuse if Treo produce ones that fit it but they do not.
    Even the supplied headset has the problem of not being able to stay inserted fully.
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    The only earpiece that I have had the problem in the 600 with is the Jabra Windup and I have several different earpieces. A Plantronics, Handspring, 2 generics and the Windup. Only the Windup has this problem with my 600 so I think it's the Windup not the 600 that's the problem.

    Fortunately, it's pretty easy to fix. Just take an Exacto knife or a single egde razor blade and trim about 1/16" of the rubber from the tip. I have 3 Windup's and I have trimmed them all with no problem.

    To put it simpler:
    From the metal tip of the plug, go 1/2" back until you get to the rubber that covers the golden metal part of the plug.
    Take a razor blade, a sharp knife or a very sharp pair of scissors and cut a complete circle around the rubber to the metal. Cut a ring about the thickness of a dime. Slide or tear the ring that you cut off and the Windup will work perfectly.
    All this does is remove some of the rubber and exposes more metal.

    I doubt if you could damage anything because I believe the rubber covers the metal at least another dime's thickness back and it probably goes all of the way to the joint. That plug seems to be built very solid. You probably stand a better chance of cutting your finger than damaging the plug.
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    Thank you all for your advice.

    A special shout out to "nbronner" for your most excellent and thoughtful instructions. They were clear, easy to understand and very specific. If you don't already write instructions like that for a living, you should... those are the best directions I have seen in ages.

    Worked like a charm on my Windup/Treo and my wife's Windup/Treo.

    And I still have all my fingers.

    Thank you again,


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