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    Don't deal with this company, their aftersales service is non-existent (3 unanswered emails). Basically the case will not swivel on your belt because some genius has made the leather flap stick out so far that it clashes with the belt clip.

    It beggars belief that someone at Bellagio wouldn't have attempted to put a Treo 600 in the case and see if it fits onto the belt clip.

    A big thumbs down, should have gone with Vaja or E&B

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    Funny, I got the dual case combo - no problems swiveling with either.
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    Originally posted by Alli
    Funny, I got the dual case combo - no problems swiveling with either.
    You are lucky. I think the most likely problem is that the stud for the belt clip has been placed too high, its half an inch below the bottom of the flap - which leads to it clashing quite badly with the plastic belt clip.

    Based on what you say Bellagio should have replied and offered to replace this obviously faulty item.. but they seem to hope I will just give up and go away.

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    My leather flap also interferes with the clip. Thr fit is in general poor as all of the holes are slightly off. Overall, it a fair value for $20. I have been using a Piel Framacase for the past 5 days. It also has issues. My reference point is based on the Vaja cases that I have always used but I did not want to wait 25 days.
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    I ordered both Bellagio cases for the Treo 600 and the open faced case is the one with the problem. The flip case has been fantastic. It does a great job of protecting the phone and no problems when worn on the belt. It swivels freely without a problem.

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