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    Hi folks,

    I've had a Treo 600 for just over a week now and am having some problems with it. Bizarrely, the phone will not let me answer incoming calls when "No caller id" is displayed. I am on the Orange (UK) network and have tried soft and hard resets and removed all 3rd party software (which was not contentious on my tungsten...). Has anyone got any ideas as Orange appear to be baffled. If you've had problems, please let me know and I will respond once I've found out how to solve it myself. Otherwise I find the phone terrific - not much good though if I can't speak to people!!
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    stab in the dark, from the phone screen . . . option menu . . . call baring.

    It isn't an option to disable no called id call for me, im on t-mo, but maybe for you.
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    This is a problem if you have more than 3000 - 5000 contacts in the standard address book.

    A workaround is to keep reducing the number of contacts (I have cut down to 4900) and put all your addresses in Beyond Contacts or Keycontacts, which use a completely seperate database.

    Agendus won't help as it uses the built-in adress book.
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    Thanks Cyril. Your suggestion worked perfectly. I have reduced my contacts from about 4600 representing about 10,000 numbers to about 1800 and used the excellent Documents To Go to store the remaining as a spreadsheet for now. I am now able to receive "No Caller Id" calls. Furthermore I have passed your information on to my network provider so that future customers experiencing the same problem may find a solution.
    You have saved me a whole heap of hassle for which I thank you. I was getting convinced that some of my 3rd party software was upsetting the phone software. You have proved this not to be the case.

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