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    I'm tired of waiting for T-Mobile, but when I called both Handspring and T-Mobile about updates, they both said that they're hoping for mid-Dec. I guess we'll believe it when we see it. That being said, both suggested I should wait for T-Mobile's offering as it will be optimized and will run faster for data than a Cingular phone with a T-Mobile sim. I'm about ready to just buy a Cingular, but I'd like to know if anyone has feedback on this.

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    Various threads at this forum strongly suggest that even if you order a Cingular T600 today, it'll be a good week plus before you see it. We should know next Monday whether the latest "Dec. 15th" date is fact or fiction. Since you're destined to wait anyway, and it does appear that the Tmo version will be optimized for its network . . . . .
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    I wonder if the T-Mobile version will be Cingular's??? If so, it'd be worth me return the Cingular version to Handspring and get T-Mobile version.
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    The one thing that has me wondering is the fact that several users of this forum have reported being able to flash-update the T600s to newer firmware. If the T-Mobile version is really "better" when it's released, I don't see any reason that people like me who bought the "unbranded" version should not be able to flash-update to the T-Mobile version if we so desire. Even the Cingular version should be flash-upgradeable, too. I doubt that T-Mobile will eagerly give us these updates. However, some enterprising member of this forum will find a way to get it to us...
    Buy the "unbranded" or Cingular Treo 600 now. Don't play the waiting game. I've not regretted my purchase of the "unbranded" one for one second.
    Just my $0.02.

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