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    Does anyone have suggestions on how to best keep my Treo in synch with Outlook while travelling among mutiple timezones - on any given week I may be in Eastern, Central, or Pacific, usually 2 or 3 each week.

    Outlook can deal with it, but Palm can't.

    I tried TimePlace for a while but regularly ended up with 3-4 copies of every record in my date book, across 2-3 start times.

    City Time doesn't seem to do much at all - it changes the system time (which I have set to manual) but does nothing to the Date Book.

    I dl'ed a tirial of DateBook5 and quickly had all of my appointments 3 hours off.

    Any suggestions?
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    I have my treo set to network time. It auto updates the time to whatever the time is from the tower. I've been doing this since the Treo 300, and I have never been off, nor have I ever had a sync problem arise.
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    Network time however only works on Sprint. It does not work if you are using AT&T for example, they do not have that feature.
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    My guess is that the network time isn't your issue.

    Like you I have the same problem. I travel extensively across time zones and always end up with multiple appointments or an appointment that lists a couple of different start times. Having used a PPC before the Treo 600 I was used to an automatic adjustment as I traveled.

    Maybe if we keep this thread alive, someone with a solution will offer one up!
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    MainStream - correct, having the time right is not the probem.

    If my client in LA sends me an Outlook invite for a 9am meeting next Monday (I hate when they do that), it goes into my Outlook calendar as noon (since my PC is set to EST - that's where I am this week). I synch and I have a noon meeting on Monday on my Treo.

    Sunday night I land in LA, switch my laptop to PDT and it autoadjusts 3 hours. When I synch, I end up with meeting notices at both 9 and noon. It doesn't matter whether I change the time before or after synch - the Treo calendar doesn't care about the phone time (yes, I know, it's a Palm problem, not a Treo problem).

    Datebook5 claims to deal with it, but no luck so far. Right now, I have duplicates of many meetings scheduled, and a time has been embedded in the title of several of them that is 4 hours off the scheduled time. Aarghh..

    I'm going to get my calendar straight and then dedicate an hour to figuring out how/whether it really works. As long as I remember to set the conduit up for "PC overrides Palm" I can undo any damage.

    Come on Palm, it can't be that hard.

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