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    I just got my Treo600 and have noticed one odd thing. In SMS when composing a text message if I choose "Lookup" from the To: section it usually causes the phone to reboot/startup again. A few times it pulled up my contacts and rebooted when I chose a contact, but more often it just reboots when I hit the "Lookup" button. Anyone else exp. this?
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    Unfortunately it's a well known problem with no fix yet...

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    I've never had this problem. Is this just on certain revisions? I use SMS multiple times a day.

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    Originally posted by AfroCreame
    Unfortunately it's a well known problem with no fix yet...
    Actually, I have found a workaround.

    From reading and participating in several threads, the problems seems to be the contact list being corrupted in the synch to Outlook.

    What I did was delete all of my contact entries, did a backup of everything to my SD card.

    Hard Reset the treo and then restore (use Backupman) from my SD card. Confirm that the contact list was empty.

    Removed synch from the contact list on both the Outlook conduit side, and on the treo side.

    Entered manually my contact list onto the treo

    All works well with no crashes.

    Had the problem terribly before I gave up trying to sync the contact list.
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    I don't think that can be my problem since I do not sync with outlook. I am a mac user and sync my address book with iSync. I don't use Entourage either (Mac version of Outlook), but maybe the problem lies in syncronizing of any address book. How are any of you other users experiencing the problem syncing your Treos

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