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    Search came up with nothing related...

    I got them today, plugged in.. only get one channel. The right one, which leads me to believe it's funky, or my treo is. I know I can't use the radio shack cassette, or the others I've tried, but my iRock works just fine. Note: there is no R or L label on the earbuds, I used ptunes to test which one... strange it wouldn't be labeled.

    Anyone else had this problem with the original HS phones?

    I realllly need a good 2.5->stereo for mp3's the adapter just isn't doin it for me. These seem like they might be cheesy, I hope they aren't. Any other suggestions? Quality 2.5 phones?

    -Treo 600 on Sprint
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    From the handspring website:

    "Treo Stereo Headphones

    Provides clear stereo sound from your Treo smartphone ..."
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    I ordered through Dan's Cellular the same item. Mine work fine...perhaps you got a bad set???

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    Yea, got mine from Dan.

    Edit: I believe it's my treo, for some reason the iRock will play stereo, when it's only getting one channel. Interesting! I checked the balance this morning.
    Of course, now this means the treo is having the problem, and a hard reset doesn't fix it.

    I wish there was a software option to force modes.

    Thanks for the feedback, time for a replacement
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    -Treo 600 on Sprint

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