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    2 (so far) - Cousins. Possibly another tomorrow (Client).

    I'm going to check with Sprint tomorrow about that $40.00 credit. This will cheapen what I actually paid for my T600.
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    Originally posted by Voidus
    I KNOW I sold one at a Sprint store. I was there trying to get my phone activated after a week and a half of it not working (its over 2 weeks now and still not working), and the store didn't have a powered model, so I let the guy take a test drive on mine. Later that night I saw him walk out the door with a Treo 600 and a smile on his face. Wheres my commision sprint? Hell just make my phone work!
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    Sold 9:

    I was in an asia regional meeting with other members of our company's management team. The entire time I was repeatedly smsing, emailing, googleing, etc.

    After watching me do this all day, the poking and prodding of the 600 by the rest of the team, i didn't have my hands on it for at least two hours as it was passed around the table.

    We went out that night in singapore and purchased six more units for the team members that day.

    Another three sold here in Hong Kong to folks that travel and can pick it up in singapore. I have another 4 people that are desperate to get one, but waiting for hong kong version with chinese lang. support to come out.
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    Anyone find out about that $40 credit? I think I just sold another one.
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    Thrilled another coupla people while waiting for Return of the King to start at the midnight opening. One of 'em was set on going to the Sprint store the next day.
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    Haha! This thread is hilarious. I've owned dozens of PDAs and never have they received more attention than this one. I've only had it a week (I bought it after playing with a co-worker's - the ergonomics of this badboy drew me away from the Clie camp), and my brother bought his the same day he saw mine. My sister saw it, and she's next! 2 co-workers saw it, one's practically in the bag, the other one is resisting (but not for long)!

    What a trip. I've never seen a device practically self itself like that!
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    As I've said before, I've always got the latest techy devices for my friends to play with. Most times folks are impressed with stuff but never impressed enough to shell out the $$$ that some of these things cost. Even the Treo 300, which was a big hit in my circle of friends (and did warrant a few questions by strangers), I don't think got any extra sales from my impromptu demonstrations.

    The 600 is different though. Convergence is truly coming to the mainstream.
    Doug "Doberman" Hillman

    If you can't be a good example then at least try to be a horrible reminder.
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