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    I just noticed that every time I pull my Treo 600 out of its holster the SD card is "popped up" and ready to be pulled out. After closely examining the issue I noticed that after fully inserting the SD card it still sticks out a little; just enough so that if something pushes against it (ie. the edge of the holster) it pops up and ejects itself. It's very irritating and I'm worried that I might lose my SD card with all my important data.

    Am I the only one experiencing this? I'm using a brand new Lexar 256MB SD card.
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    That has indeed happened to me a few times. I never had this problem on my first Treo 600.
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    My Sandisk card sticks out 1mm at the edges, and is flush with the top of the phone in the middle of the card. The card has come loose inadvertantly only once in almost two months. Maybe that is because I use a relatively soft Bodyglove case. How far does your card stick out?
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    Mine sticks out about 1mm in the middle and about 1.5mm on the corners. This is annoying I wish it sat slightly recessed just like the dummy card included with the unit. Grrrrr
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    99.999% of all SD cards stick out of the top of the T600. A forum search on this subject will pull up an excruciating amount of information on the issue.
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