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  • Very (will be my main phone/pda until something better comes along)

    185 92.04%
  • Quite (doesn't quite live up to my expectations)

    7 3.48%
  • OK (but maybe there is something better)

    3 1.49%
  • Disappointed (not lived up to expectations, might change soon)

    4 1.99%
  • Cheated (already gone back or changing asap)

    2 1.00%
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    Following on from the 'flawed design' poll where a number of people (including me) believed that the poll options were not fair. I've decided to set up this simpler poll:

    Please only answer if you've had your 600 for at least a week (or have sent it back!)
    Palm Vx -> Palm M505 -> Treo 180g -> Treo 600 (UK GSMrevA)
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    I'm extremely happy, having switched over from the Kyocera 7135, which I had for nearly a year. Too many glitches and temper tantrums (lotsa resets, etc. each week, etc.).

    (The following text is copied from a 7135 forum elsewhere)

    The December 30th issue of PC Magazine contains their annual "Technical Excellence Awards". In the "mobile devices" category the runners up were

    Nokia 6800
    Sony Ericsson P800
    Samsung SPH-i500

    And the winner was...

    Handspring Treo 600!

    (Just like stirring the pot!)
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    I had a 270 since the day the were released on T-Mobile, this time I got the 600 on Cingular, WOW, what a difference. The 600 is a great unit, while the 270 was OK. I cant believe the difference between Cingular and T-Mobile, the Cingular service blows T-Mobile away in the Chicago area. I only wish that Cingular had better data rates...
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    The Treo 600 was my first converged device, and I really didn't mesh with it like I thought I would. I think I'm too rough on phones and was too worried about jacking up my new $400 toy; so, I sold it, pocketed $100 and am going back to a v60 and will wait around for something newer (Samsung e715 maybe??).
    I want a Treo 600!!!
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    the 600 is my fourth converged device (well - three phones; the first was the good ol' Omnisky modem for my palm Vx). since then it was 6035 then 300 and now the 600. So I am definitely into bringing functionality together and making things simpler. By far the 600 is the best of the lot - not that I had any beefs at the time with any of 'em - and I can't see changing from the Palm OS. So until the next Treo comes out, I'm lovin' the 600. It is awesome.
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    Thanks for the poll. After seeing so much negativism on these boards, I'm happy to have a chance to say: THE TREO 600 ROX! It ain't perfect but I use the GD thing constantly. Which is a very good sign.
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    I've been VERY pleased with my 600. There are a few nits that I have with it, but overall it's a fabulous device. I've been looking for something to fill the void left when my old Psion 3a was stolen several years ago and I've gone through quite a few devices and it looks like I've finally found one.


    P.S. I think that some of the negativism you see in other threads is people trying to read something into the posts (or polls...) that isn't actually there.
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    Well, I voted "Quite" though I admit that this will be main phone/PDA until something better comes along. I think the poor sound quality of the speaker on the back and the on and off poor quality of the earpiece is why I voted that way. Still, I think it is the best converged device that I've used and even though the sound quality issues annoy me a lot sometimes, I'm willing to overlook it because it's such a great device.
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    I chose 'Quite'. I am quite satisfied with it, but there are 3 things that can make it better:

    1. High-resolution. I didn't think it was a big deal but after comparing it with my previous device, Tungsten T, I realize you can do so much more with high res e.g. view pictures/camera snapshots better, see more entries in the calendar, etc.

    2. Better speaker and reception. The Treo is not terrible. But I used to use a Nokia 6310i and the Treo's speaker clarity is noticeably worse. The party I'm speaking to can also hear me better if I'm using the Nokia.

    3. Better camera. Before I purchased the Treo, I didn't think I'd use the camera that much. I still don't use it often, but I would if it was better. As long as they're offering a camera with it, why not include a decent one. The current camera is practically unusable indoors.
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    So far, I'm the only "OK" guy. I didn't have any expectations, aside from the raised ones I was getting by reading the boards while on pre-order. I owned a 300 prior to switching to my 600, and the critical factors for me in deciding to switch were the increased battery life and the new form factor (I love clamshells, but I prefer the candybar Treo to the clamshell Treo). I can't go back to owning a separate PDA and phone, and I infinitely prefer the Palm OS to anything else on the market (part of that has to do with me having been a Palm owner since my old PalmPilot Professional). I'm still a mixed bag when it comes to the keyboard and I'm disappointed that the speakerphone doesn't work (I'm on my first replacement and will probably send in for another).

    To be fair, I haven't really gotten excited over a gadget since my old Palm Vx.
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    Absolutely get a TON of use out of the 600. I keep a dictionary (pocketlingo) on here, my project plans (project@hand), ebooks, all my personal databases (listpro), and on and on... Use it constantly all day long. Love using the mp3 player while hiking. Cam is great when I don't have one with me. Waiting for a pen/stylus to be available. Would like it if it had some sort of a non-slip siding so it doesn't keep threatening to slip from my hands. Wish the space bar didn't answer calls. Wish it would also play wma audio files. And really wish there was a Lotus Notes push/pull wireless sync software app like the Blackberries have. Definitely this is the best small package for me.
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    An excellent device. Haven't had any problems with it. Took it on on a 14 day trip with no laptop and I was able to keep up with all of my contacts, create, edit, and send documents, spreadsheets and much more. Never crashed once and I use it extensively. Well worth the entry fee. Getting one for my wife to replace her T300.
    Ibrahim B.

    Kyo PDQ - Kyo 6035 - Treo 300 - Treo 600 - Treo -650 (2) & now the Palm Pre. Will keep my BB World Phone Sprint
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    Originally posted by mharpen
    Would like it if it had some sort of a non-slip siding so it doesn't keep threatening to slip from my hands.
    Try egrips, which is a non-slip product you just stick on the sides and back. Completely different feel.
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    I've owned a Psion 3a, 5, 5mx some sort of early Casio Casotopia Win CE device (it sucked - that's mainly what I remember!), Palm m505, Clie T615 and now a Treo 600 (not all in that order.)

    I have used each one of these (apart from the Psion 3a and the Casio thing) together with a mobile to keep in touch with friends and family overseas via email. I always wanted a 2 in 1 thing, but nothing could really persuade me until the Treo 600 came out. (I was tempted by the Treo 300 when it first came out, but I had just bought either the m505 or the T615.)

    This does everything I need at the moment and then some!

    I haven't been this giddy about getting one of these things since my Psion 5mx - which I missed for a LONG time. I really wanted Psion/Symbian 5 functionality, and Palm size... But that's another story.

    To cut a long story short, I am a happy chappy with my Treo 600.
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    I can honestly say the best gadget I have ever had. Maybe the best money I ever spent. It ain't perfect, but it is the best thing going. Like others a 320 screen would of been nice, voice memos and dialing would of been nice too. Aside from its few downfalls it is a great pda/phone.
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    I bought it the week it came out. Along with HS's 399 price and discounts from Sprint and selling my t300, the T600 only put me back 149 bucks. I use it more than my computer. I added PDAAPPS's Verichat Treo600SMS, ALert Manager and HS's almost puch email software. THis is an office with two feet. Never need to get to a computer to check email or respond to it.

    Some ran into the back of my truck last month. I was not hurt but after getting out and seeing the damage more so to his car than mine, I started taking pictures immediately. Then called my insurance co and told them what had happened and that I had pictures. They asked could I have them developed and sent to them. I did one better, I sent all the pics straight from my T600. THen called police. The T600 paid for itself with just that one incident.

    I also bought a few SD cards with games and back office titles on them. I had to make a presentation to a client and was not near the office or a conference room. So Igave the presentation to him right on the T600 using the "powerpoint" software that came with it. He was so impressed, I got the account and he also bought a T600.

    With Sprint's fast data network, browsing the net was a breeze. Sending and sharing pictures are quick and effortless.

    If you ever need an office away from the office.....GET THIS PHONE/PCA/ CAMERA/ MP3 Player/ EMAIL CLIENT/whatever yuo need it for.

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    i had the visorphone with prism. loved it, but it was bulky. it was the first time i could use the TRUE web and real email without wires. everyone with a pocketpc i knew were wowwed as they had NO solution to do that (yes, they were wifi sleds, but not "anywhere" wireless...and the visor had a wifi option anyway).

    then i went with the treo300. similar capability, smaller package, but the 1xrtt wireless was a nice boost as i was able to dump worldnet and get much better speed

    now the 600 is a huge speed/capability improvement. the excellent email app (the HS one now not quasi-legal for sprint) and MP3 really do it for me. a 320 res screen would be nice, but a hires screen this small would break the bank. i could care less about bluetooth. only thing is i wish blazer rendered pics faster...i may try palmsource.
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    After spending almost two years with a 6035, noting the downfalls of the unit but liking the converged device concept, this product came along. I wanted to stay in the Kyocera family but sprint did not allow that. Then waited for the Blutooth 608, and that was put on the backburner also.
    I bought the Treo 600 as a second choice but it has quickly become the best device I have owned.
    An excellent integration of a phone AND a pda. It has increased my productivity, filled a niche in the market and created a PALM OS standard that others must now meet or beat.
    The brick has been put out to pasture. Now the game begins.
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    LOVE IT!

    I got mine the as soon as it became available at best buy. Its been great get both the PDA and Phone in one unit. It's been everything I imagined. A few quirks such as some software not being 100% compatible but worth every penny. Im off to get an SD card since I've getting close to filling the existing memory.
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    I am very happy with my phone...I have been an early adaptor of numerous other phones and communicators....this is the best unit by far. Very reliable and stable at the same if only they had bluetooth for it!
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