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    I bought a treo 600 on Orange (UK) in the middle of November and I have to say that it performs better than my expectations, technically speaking, but as far as usefulness is concerned, it far, far exceeds the usefulness of a phone and a palm just added together.

    Basically, I expected a device that was a slightly-more-awkward to use phone, and a palm with always-on comms. That's basically what I got... the phone, it has to be said, is not exactly "nokia-like" (or ericsson-like) in its simplicity. On a normal phone, you get generally just pick it up, press clear and dial. On my treo, I have to be sure I'm not in an application that won't let me just press the phone button and dial. Incoming calls go missing if you're in an app that can't "let go". Another thing, you can't dial by "feeling" for the keys (they keyboard's too small for that). Having said all that, if I wanted a simple phone, I wouldn't have bought a treo 600!

    The important thing about the treo for me is that all my contacts, diary and email is accessible in one device, and that syncs with outlook. I realise that there are many phones out there that have calendars that can be synced with outlook, but if you've ever tried to use a calendar on a small phone, or use the awful sync software you get with most phones, you'll probably soon give up.

    In a nutshell, the device is fantastic!

    My business involves lots of phoning, lots of scheduling and lots of remembering contacts and their details (I run a mobile PC repair/upgrade business). The things my treo does so well for me are:

    - shows the start of incoming text messages without even having to press a key.

    - uses the same contacts database as my main outlook contacts list, so when I get a call, I know who's ringing.

    - it has a real (OK, a small) keyboard. But it actually means that I can take someone's details while I'm on the phone with them, and check my calendar without having to use graffiti or some other pen-based (and error prone) system.

    - I can get notified when I get an email, and check it within 15 seconds.

    - I can write emails to customers (OK, short ones).

    - the battery lasts all day

    - the palm bit isn't a cut down palm.

    - using agendus, I can save an appointment along with a link to the contact involved, so I can look up an appointment, and check their address.

    - I use the "line 2" feature that orange gives to manage business calls - my main business number (an 0845 local call rate number), diverts to my line 2, which is in turn diverted to orange's message taking service, where they take a message and send it to me as an SMS (this costs me 20 a month for unlimited messages). My line 1 number just rings normally. This isn't really to do with the phone, but it "just works".

    - the treo has the easiest switch of any mobile phone I've used to turn the ringer to silent!

    Bad points (my opinion, based on about one month of usage) are:

    - low resolution screen
    - no bluetooth
    - speakerphone, though good has a low quality mike - callers complain they can't hear me
    - earpiece adapter is not provided! Why???
    - Cannot take a photo within photo messaging application
    - cannot send a photo saved on card
    - cannot send sms to non-mobile number (e.g. a home phone with sms enabled)
    - can't save received SMSs into folders
    - Orange's "orange update" facility only has two ringtones!
    - cannot send contacts by SMS (like nokia/ericsson phones)
    - cannot send calendar entries by email/mms

    - limited selection of ring tones for different contacts. I want one picture and ring tone per contact, and not per number. There is a limit to the number of entries I can have with different photos and ringtones. What I can't understand is that there is a facility for a different ring tone if roaming. This must be something to do with how mobile networks work in the US, because it's pretty pointless in Europe. You know when you're roaming because you're in a different country. I'm not sure what will happen when I'm abroad, but I don't want my phone to ring differently just because I'm abroad. I'll find out this weekend when I go to France.....

    - screen seems a bit flimsy. It moves a little under pressure.

    - it doesn't have the ability to run tomtom navigator (I leave that to a pocket pc).

    - the battery isn't removable

    Well, that's my set of opinions on this device. It only cost me 90 (on a pay monthly contract with Orange that I'd have paid for anyway even if I didn't have the treo).

    Anthony Hegedus
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    Welcome to TreoCentral, Anthony! Nice first post. We hope to continue hearing from you in other threads.
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    At the time of writing around 93% of people are very happy with their new Treo 600.

    I find this an amazing statistic for a new device. Even given the bias that this is a Treo forum and thus most users are likely to be enthusiastic about the unit. I used to have a 180 and a similar poll about that would only have got an 'ok' out of me.

    If there are any lurkers from Handspring/Palm One around here it must bring a warm glow to their heart...
    Palm Vx -> Palm M505 -> Treo 180g -> Treo 600 (UK GSMrevA)
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