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    I posted this as an reply to another thread but probably is more appropriate posted on its own. I wonder if I am the only one with this problem???

    How has everyone been returning their defective T600's? My earpeice speaker completely stopped working last week after approximately 1 month of receiving the device. There has been several posts pertaining to defective/poor quality speaker issues so I am not the first.

    I ordered the phone through Sprint, via telephone.

    I have been to Sprint stores all over NYC, they have verified that the phone is broken but nobody has one to replace it in the area.

    Sprint REFUSES to send me another phone. They want me to use Equipment repacement. I am not going to do that because I dont feel I should pay a stupid deductable, and I am sure I may need to return the device again if this problem continues.(you only get 2 replacements/year)

    I have been a "loyal" customer of theirs for over 7 years..can you believe this BC?

    Anyone have any ideas on how I can get a new phone or should I insist on a refund?? I give up.... Thanks...
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    What did the warranty that came with it say? Usually that kind of stuff is covered in the paperwork that comes with the hardware, and it mentions who's responsible for fixing warranty-covered problems. This is not an ERP issue and you shouldn't have to pay for ERP on this.
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    Usually, a defective Sprint phone under the 1 year warrantly would be checked at a Sprint Service Center and either fixed or replaced as appropriate.

    The problem with the T600 is two fold.

    No one knows how to fix it or is afraid to touch it (too new)

    No store has any to replace it. Only available by phone (how I bought it) or online...

    Sprint will not send me another one by mail with a return pack to send back my broken one even though the service center has deemed it as broken. They want me to use ERP which makes no sense.

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