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    Anyone's thumb hurt as a result of the 600?

    I've found my thumb joint (lower joint) hurts a lot after a little Treo'ing. I've tried changing hand postures, and switching hands, but to no avail. Worse, I've found that my left thumb joint is starting to hurt too.

    As some background, I've had the 180 for two years, nary a problem. I have big hands. My right thumb is not 100% due to injuries.

    I'm starting to worry that the Treo's smaller form factor, and very low positioning of the five way button, is causing some problems. In fact, comparing hand postures with the 180, I've noticed that I have to bend my first thumb joint more (close to 90 degree angle) to hit buttons. I'm sure this doesn't help.

    Any tips/ideas?
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    try using the stylus as much as you can, except when you're driving

    good luck.
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    I was wondering what was happening to me...I was thinking arthritis or something worse. Glad it's not only me. The key question is now what do I do! :-)
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