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    I'm wondering if i can effectively use this as a remote with omniremote or a similar program.
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    If you are standing about 1.5 ' in front of the TV, it "might" work...
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    i don't think any of the palm devices have a strong enough IR to use them as a remote.
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    Some Sony devices had enhanced ports which were supposedly good for long ranges. The standard specs are not good for remote controls, though.
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    My old visor(s) worked pretty well as universal remotes using Omniremote. The treo 'works', but the range is extremely limited ... like a max of 3-4 feet if the stars are right.
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    Originally posted by ijoe13
    i don't think any of the palm devices have a strong enough IR to use them as a remote.
    There are several Palms that have IR with more than adequate range for use as a remote, some units have 50+ ft. range.

    Here is a partial list of the stats from the omniremote site:

    Platform Measured Range (feet)
    OmniRemote Module 22
    OmniRemote Springboard Module 30
    Handspring Visor™ 18
    Handspring Visor™ Edge 12
    Handspring Visor™ Platinum 30
    Handspring Visor™ Prism 32
    Handspring Treo™ 270 & Treo™ 600 7.5
    Palm OS3.0 Upgrade Card 30
    Palm III 10
    Palm IIIc 23
    Palm V 24
    Palm VIIx 11
    Palm m100/m105 32
    Palm m500/m505 50 !!!
    Palm i705 41
    Palm Zire™ (m150) 27
    Palm Tungsten™ T, Tungsten™ C, Zire™ 21 & Zire™ 71 29
    Palm Tungsten™ W 33
    Palm Tungsten™ E & Tungsten™ T3 36
    Kyocera 7135 21
    Sony Clié T or NR series (i.e. T615C or NR70) 27
    Sony Clié with PalmOS 5.0 (i.e. NX60) 7
    Sony Clié (other models) 8
    Sony Clié IR Blaster
    from Tech Center Labs 75 !!!
    Handera 330 32

    I haven't tried the Treo 600 yet.
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    i feel like an a** .. i used to have the old palm 3 and i know the IR sucked on that, maybe 2-3 ft. so i based my answer on my limited experience with that. although, i've sent files to another t600 from mine and they seemed to connect up to about 5ft from each other, i didn't try any farther than that. it looks like someone will have to do an official test to see how far a remote will work on the treo600.
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    Here are your official test results:
    T750 w/Cingular
    Black Jawbone
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    Of course, the other factor to include in such measurements is the angle over which the signal is sent. It's one thing to say, as one of the lists does, that the M500 had a range of 50 feet, but this will be of no use over a few feet in your living room if it sends out a narrow beam, and needs to be lined up carefully. Like most people, I wave my remotes vaguely in the direction of the TV/DVD/VCR/Stereo, and some work better than others.

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