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    I tried searching the boards, but couldn't find an answer...Does anyone use their Treo to book travel? If so, which Travel Websites have PDA-friendly versions? I tried Expedia and Travelocity but it didn't look like they had a site optimized for microbrowsers...
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    They both have WAP sites-

    You used to be able to get to a really cool Expedia site via the MSN site- (, but I don't see the link now... Anyone?
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    I looked on for a wap link but nothing....anyone know if orbitz has a wap page?
    Treo 650
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    hi thereis an = sign in that address, what do you do since there is not one on the treo keyboard. is there an way for making one on the screen? thanks jay
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    The easiest way is to press the menu button followed by "K" for Keyboard- That brings up the on-screen keyboard with the extra keys to allow you to easily press "=" followed by "Done"...
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    way kewl thanks a million, take care, jay
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    I think it is probably a little easer typing a - and using the 0 key to select the = sign.

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