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    I'm hoping there is an application available for the 600 to populate names from the Address Book into the SIM card. With the 180 I could move entries from the Quick Dial list to the SIM individually, but not directly from the Address book. Has anyone seen any application to take entries directly from the Address Book to the SIM?

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    In the 270, it was possible to copy speed dial/favorites to the SIM card. The SIM BOOK program on the T600 retains this form -- there is a drop down "Speed Dial" setting, but it doesn't access the favorites. Also, on mine, choosing help yields a soft reset and the phone automatically connecting to the network.

    Has anyone found a method of copying numbers to the SIM? This is very useful if you have a cheap phone for situations where you don't want to bring your Treo. I also used it to copy numbers to my wife's cell phone.
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