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    I haven't installed much software on the Treo 600 since I purchaesd it, so its pretty clean.

    I did uninstall/reinstall the Delorme pkg, but that didn't help.

    I "believe" when I had it installed, prior to getting the GPS cable, when I tried to "connect", it told me there was no GPS attached. But now, it crashes the unit. But I can't be certain that was the case. I may have had this issue all along.
    Its odd I get the error, regardless if the unit is connected or not.
    The Disconnect option works fine though. No crashes.

    I'm not sure about doing a full reset.
    I don't think there is any way to restore back to a point in time.
    Not something I want to do trials on, since I use this thing daily, and its pretty critical at this point. Lots of backups....lots of data backups.

    I may try to purchase/install the Mapopolis software, and see if that works any better. I hate to do it..but....
    I gotta make sure that software works w/other GPS units though....
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    I talked with Delorme today.
    They mentioned they had issues w/the Treo 300, which probably carried over to the Treo 600. Something about not being able to keep a constant data connection to the serial port.

    He recommended I get an RMA on the power pack unit. I'm keeping the GPS unit though, since it works well hooked up to Laptop via USB.

    I did connect the GPS unit to the Mapoplis software, and at one point, got a good connection w/the unit. I had the GPS coordinates and elevation displayed. But it seemed to lose the connection, and Mapopolis would lock up.

    Seems like it may be Treo issues. I'ld like to try the Mapopolis GPS unit, but doens't look like its available yet for Treo 600.

    Thats all from here. Frustrated.
    Any thoughts / suggestions would be appreciated.

    Note: If you get it working, the supply net cable for Delorme, works great if your're in the car. If only using it that way, the power pack unit isn't even needed. Cable plus into Delorme unit, and power through cig lighter. Much cleaner and cheaper.
    You just can't bring it hiking w/that config.
    But all a mute point....since it aint working anyway...
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    I have just purchased a Treo 180, and a Haicom 203E. The Haicom came with a driver, I just loaded this onto my laptop, ran it, and synched with the Treo.

    The Haicom needs charging and the only way to do this is to connect it to the car charger/Treo serial cable.

    An icon for 'Pocket Internet GPS' is on my Treo desktop. All I do is select it, and then select GPS On.

    Wait a few seconds until the satellites are detected and thats it, I have Longitude, Latitude, Speed, Altitude, Number of Satellites and Time. It all works fine.

    Now the hard part. I need A to B directions, preferably with voice, preferably with graphic 'Turn Here' directions, and I haven't got a clue what works, what doesn't and where to get UK/European Maps, or at least France.

    I tried a friends Garmin Maps but no good.
    I tried downloading Mapopolis trial maps but no good.

    Can anyone recommend UK/Euro maps that work, and that I can preferably dowload for free, please let me know!!


    Rob G
    Getting it cheaper ....making it better
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    One more update...

    Talked with, and emailed with Delorme.
    At one point I was emailing 2 seperate techs.

    Here's what I got:

    "At this time we know of an issue with the Treo 600. Unfortunately we currently have no resolution for the issue at this time..."

    "We are aware of the problems with the Treo 600. It does appears these problems are on our side and we are currently working on a fix. At this time we do not have a timeline when the fix will be available."

    Hopefully things get worked out soon.
    The Delorme software worked great on my laptop, on my trips.
    I just need something for the PDA.

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    I can personally guarantee that I have installed this software in a virgin state on my Treo 600, to no avail. I would really like to be able to use my Earthmate using any software at this rate, but I have been too scared to get screwed out of more money (do you hear that

    I am now giving very serious considerations to following the lead of the setup from this thread. Especially since I am one of the biggest fans of Tom Tom's navigation software. Hell, if I could get the software to work with my existing Earthmate, I'd be in heaven!

    Oh yeah, by the way, BUMP.
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    delorme's web site says that the 2005 version of their software supports the 600 but they do not sell a cable that works with the 600 and their earthmate. of course, the bluetooth version of the earthmate works with the 650. did anyone ever buy a working supplynet cable? and if they did, what did they pay for it?
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