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    GG: Your reference to a possible source of erratic keyboard behavior got me to thinking...1) the erratic keys (all of those on the second from starting with a, up to but not including L, are not "erratic" but non-functional under all circumstances, 2) Nothing I do makes them work, 3) what you call the "flip door connector" seems intact and OK, but 4) the other "slide-in connector that is above it has a problem. It kept slipping out and I kept trying to put it back in, failing to realize that it has its very own locking latch mechanism.
    Eventually all this action of putting it in and out damaged a very tiny little copper wire at the tip of one of the 24 connector lines. (see my crude drawing, attached) It's so tiny I need a five-power loupe even to see it. All the 24 little copper lines fit into a space that is less than a half-inch wide. I can say for sure that it is damaged, and perhaps it is responsible for keyboard problem.
    Having no fully-functional keyboard = a useless Treo. I give up on it!
    I am trying to get my old Treo 180 to snatch my e-mail but I can't seem to remember how to get the correct settings for "network". The "Configure your Treo" software asks me for a phone number, but it never used a phone number, but rather dialed into My Wireless Window and then that was changed by Cingular to something else. Complicated!
    I may just have to survive until April with no e-mail-getting capability, at which time my Cingular contract will expire and I can get a new Treo 270 for $90 with T-mobile.
    GG you have been extremely helpful!
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    I'm glad I could help. The details you posted will no doubt help others with the same issue.

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    Gordon: Last time we talked my repair work permanently damaged my Treo 270. So I bought a new one this week from Cingular Wireless for $199 "retail" with no contract obligation, and a 1-year warranty on the phone itself.
    Do you want my old one for your Treo boneyard? It's got an amateurishly-soldered connector (that seems to work OK) and a miniscule and unrepairable break in the upper copper hinge, that may be the reason most of the second line of keyboard letters no longer works.
    Let me know if you want it. It actually still works as a phone, but you can't enter certain new numbers or letters -- only those that are already in the phone. Useless, in other words, but parts of it are fine.
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    G-Gekko: You can use the phone pad on it and poke in any number combination you wish and make a call; you just can't use the keyboard to enter certain phone numbers and names in the address book.
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    Thanks for offering!
    Yes I'll take it. I'll PM you my address, just LMK shipping expenses and I'll send you a check.

    Thanks again!
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    GG: I received your private message. I will send this off to you sometime next week. It still works as a phone for emergencies, using the number pad. And, you can cannibalize it if you wish. Moreover, if you found a way to replace the upper copper hinge thing you might even have a totally working Treo 270.
    Absolutely under no circumstances will I accept payment from you for shipping it! You spent quite a bit of time guiding me through all those repair steps, and if not for the damaged copper hinge thing, I actually succeeded in the repair job by following your instructions.
    Steve in chilly Southern California
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    Hello, when opening my TREO270 to try to solder the nasty connector back in place the connector itself popped out... I think I know what side has to be up (contacts are closer on one side)... do you confirm that contacts have to be soldered back ? They are soooo thin.... what kind of iron can you use ?
    For Gekko, I tried to acces the URL with picts but not working anymore...
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    I still use the incredible, wonderful Treo 270 every day. I think it is my fifth Treo. Mostly, I use it to secretly check my personal e-mail at work since my employer's software blocks me from accessing WebMail at, and they have also removed all outside phone lines so I can't connect up my Toshiba Libretto laptop's modem (unless I want to get down on my knees on the carpet in the aisle and temporarily disconnect their fax phone line!). The Treo 270 is so useful, yet it has several serious design flaws. One of them is that the connector simply sits on a bed of hardened solder. That's it. Normal use (such as daily hotsyncing) weakens the solder and the connector falls out eventually! As this thread documents, I followed Gekko's kindly instructions and succeeded with great effort to resolder the little connectors using a fine point soldering iron and an eye loupe (so I could see what I was soldering!) nearly singeing my hair from the solder heat. But in doing the work -- which took many nervous hours -- I managed to break a hair-thin copper connector elsewhere, thus forever disabling part of the keyboard, so the Treo 270 became toast and I mailed it to Gekko for honorary residence in his Treo Graveyard.
    I bought a new one which continues to work nicely, though I worry every day when I jam the connector into the hotsync cradle. Ask Gekko if he can explain how to solder the connectors. Somehow you pour a tiny bit of solder on top of each tine (which doesn't explain to me how you connect it underneath the tine, only allowing it to pour over the tine but not so much that it doesn't touch the neighboring tine). It is a stressful procedure for an amateur like me. Even recalling it to memory stresses me. Good luck, but prepare yourself mentally for the possibility of failure. Steve
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    I have the same problem, but can not to solve yet.

    Anyone know or have a electronic diagram of T270 to check it ?

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    If this photo goes through and you can read it (it's only 48k) it shows the connector of my old Treo 270 after it had fallen out but before my valiant soldering effort. The red arrows point to locations where the connector is soldered, but it is also necessary to solder each of the little tines onto those little beds. Gekko helped encouraged and guided me in the soldering task. I succeeded, but failed to fix something else that I had damaged that is no wider than a human hair.
    Good luck.
    Steve, now retired
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    I soldered all the pins, and charged the battery but not syncing, I resoldered and now my treo is dead, what happened?.... anyone know something? any idea?

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