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    Problem, my PC at work was upgraded recently and the USB port will no longer recognize the Treo 180 device (XP Pro with Service Pack 2... a real pain). I've given up.

    On to my home PC. I run XP Home and my wife currently hot syncs her Palm M510.

    Problem: Palm desktop 4.1 is installed. The Hanspring support website says that you can only run desktop 4.0.1 "optimized" by Handspring. Further, to avoid problems, desktop 4.1 must be uninstalled.

    Is anyone out there running 2 different versions of Palm desktop? Should I be very afraid?
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    Apparently, I not only damaged my speaker/hinge, but I also screwed up the USB connection on the Treo itself. Couldn't hot-sync old data. However, the USB immediately recognized the replacement device. Oh how I long for the the ability to backup to an SD card....

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