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    Tks for the useful info.
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    The link doesn't work (it says I don't have the right cookies). Can you just post the info here?
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    Originally posted by wcarlson40
    The link doesn't work (it says I don't have the right cookies). Can you just post the info here?
    Which ringtones are the loudest?

    Are you missing calls because you can't hear the ringer? Perhaps you need to switch to a louder ringtone.

    Which built-in ringtones are the loudest?
    If you want to crank up the volume on your Treo 600's ringer, pick one of the loudest ringtones.

    Also, don't forget: you can set your Treo to vibrate whenever its ringer goes off (for incoming calls, messages, Calendar reminders, and more). That way, you can permanently set a more subtle ringtone and still be alerted to incoming calls in loud places by the vibration.

    Loudest to quietest, in order:


    Loud Phone
    Ring Bop
    Up Down

    Cha Cha
    Rock Ring

    Loud Place
    Sweet Jazz

    What makes a ringtone louder or softer?
    Our audio system is comparable to other mobile phones that support polyphonic ringtones. "Rich" (multi-instrument) polyphonic sounds are generally quieter than simple high-pitched single tones. The timbre of single-tone phones is also rather piercing; at the same actual volume level, it will seem louder than a "rich" ringtone.

    Why didn't you make all Treo ringtones super-loud?
    In order to make a super-loud ringtone, the sound designer has a limited set of characteristics with which to work:

    Must have a high pitch
    Must use waveforms with hard edges (e.g., bell sounds or shrill sounds rather than flute sounds)
    Only have a single voice*
    * Geeky details: the designer needs to allow headroom for mixing multiple voices. In other words, the more voices, the quieter the total sound is.

    But polyphonic ringtones are capable of many more sounds than just the super-loud ones. Whether it's a low tuba-like bass line or a subtle string-like harmony, we wanted to let you explore the full range of sounds available with Treo 600's polyphonic ringer. The quieter ringtones may be more appropriate for quieter settings (office, hotel room, home), while you may wish to set a louder ringtone if you use your Treo 600 mainly in noisy places (trains, airports, construction sites).

    Then there's the safety issue
    We couldn't make any ringtone too loud, because of the potential for damage to your hearing. If you want to be able to hear your Treo 600 over the roar of a jet engine, unfortunately we can't help you. You may wish to have your Treo vibrate instead, and keep it in your pocket or a holster where you'll be able to feel it out on the airstrip.

    What about third-party ringtones?
    Did you know you can create or download any MIDI file to be used as a ringtone on your Treo 600? Since these MIDI files were not necessarily created to be ringtones on a Treo 600, you might have to experiment to see which ones are loud enough to be helpful as ringers.
    On the road to 5,000 posts
    Life is what happens between Firmware releases.
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    What about Quick Ring? It's just as loud as Loud Ring but less annoying.
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    I see so many people asking for loud ringtones, and I just do not get it.

    Here is my problem: I downloaded a few good midi polyphonic tones from the web. Transferred them to my 600 via an MMS email attachment. WHen I go to play the ringtones on my treo however, they are SO loud they are worthless, sound like garbage on my phone. Even if I turn the ringer way down.

    Why am I having that problem?
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    Do you have VolumeCare installed?

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