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    When I'm holding my Treo 600 for a little bit and it's powered on, I noticed that I start to feel a tingling up my forearm, perhaps due to some poor electric insulation.

    It disappears when I power it off, and it changes to my other arm when I hold it in my other hand.

    I owned a Treo 270 and had no such problems.

    Anyone else experience this? What did you do? Do I just have a defective unit?

    I'm wondering if I keep it in the right case it won't bother me anymore. Or maybe egrips.

    Advice or suggestions?
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    That is just not normal at all with any personal electronic device. I would not keep that phone if it was me.

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    If it is an "electric" tingle you would feel it in your hand too right? Maybe your arm is falling asleep from the way you hold the Treo 600 as opposed to the 270.

    Anyway, turn it in while you can get a replacement and see what happens. If it happens with the new phone it's you and not the phone.
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    hmm.. don't people feel tingling in their arms before a stroke?
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    I do feel it in my hand too. I guess I'll call Handspring support.
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    For 14 years I've been working with people with this syndrome. They can feel electrical emissions normal people cannot. Related to Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome, where people are sensitive to perfumes. Do searches for these conditions. Also look at and

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